Inspired by Ideals

We help people to collect information using aerial robots.

Wingtra developed a new category of drones. The WingtraOne drastically simplifies how aerial data is collected. Wingtra aims to have a positive impact for the human condition on a large scale. We do this through technology and robots.

While conventional quadcopters are limited in range and speed, fixed wing airplanes need catapults and runways. Wingtra’s hybrid drone combines the advantages of both worlds. It is as agile as multicopters and has the superior flight capability of a fixed-wing aircraft regarding range and speed. It opens new possibilities in improving wildlife protection, agriculture, parcel delivery, and many other applications.

Wingtra is a spin-off from the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zurich. Wingtra is supported as one of the Wyss Zurich projects. Within a year, we grew Wingtra from 4 to 27 Wingtranauts. We closed a seed round of USD 3.1m in early 2016.

We are supported by:

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