Assign licenses

Dear Wingtra Partner,

We’ve made some important updates to our license assignement process. Please note that the previous method is now deprecated as of November 23, 2023. Below you’ll find the new streamlined procedure to activate and manage your drone licenses.

  1. Log in to the new Partner Portal

  2. Select ‘Configure Drones’

  3. Input the drone ID

  4. Add or remove licenses

Are you experiencing the following error?

“At least one of the drone IDs has been configured by another Wingtra partner, you are not allowed to configure.

If so, please choose one of the solutions below:

1. Preferred solution

  • Contact our support team at
  • Inform them of the specific drone ID you wish to configure, and indicate whether the drone is a standard retail unit or intended for demo use.
  • Once you receive confirmation from our support team, you’ll be able to configure the drone on the new Partner Portal as described above.

2. Fallback solution

  • You can still activate licenses using the old process
  • Click the button below to proceed with the previous method.

Activate a license

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