Best photogrammetry software

Recommended photogrammetry software

WingtraPilot data outcomes are compatible with major post-processing tools. Deciding the best photogrammetry software for you depends largely on your application.

For processing WingtraOne drone aerial data, we recommend one of the following photogrammetry software providers: 3DR Sitescan, DroneDeploy or Delair. Read on to learn which one best fits your needs.

Drone mining software 3DR

What is photogrammetry software?

Photogrammetry software receives overlapping images as data inputs and combines them to output digital 2D or 3D models, point clouds and more.

How photogrammetry software works

photogrammetry photo overlap illustration
Photogrammetry combines images that contain the same point on the ground from multiple vantage points to yield detailed 2D and 3D maps.

Each input image that is uploaded to a photogrammetry software has information about physical objects taken from different vantage points. By combining that information, the software can calculate the exact distances and angles between physical objects and create their digital twins—2D or 3D models.

What is the best photogrammetry software?

It depends on your application. For processing aerial data collected with a drone, we recommend one of our partner software providers: 3DR, Pix4D, DroneDeploy, Delair, Autodesk, Simactive or Agisoft. We have tested each of these platforms and can stand behind their robust data processing and analysis functionality.

3DR sitescan photogrammetry cloud-based software

3DR Sitescan

3DR Site Scan is a complete drone software platform for construction, engineering, and mining professionals that helps them build and manage the physical world. Together, Site Scan and WingtraOne deliver an end-to-end aerial surveying solution that makes it easy to collect, process, analyze, and share drone data.

Through interactive digital maps and in-depth analysis, DroneDeploy enables customers to perform better, act faster, and make data-informed business decisions. Plugging in high-end drone data like WingtraOne’s, site managers can capture and present accurate and informative insights with confidence.

Delair photogrammetry software

A recently-launched photogrammetry platform, draws from a deep understanding of the disruptive power of drone data. Accordingly, their software aims to tightly integrate drone mapping data into workflows that produce accurate, immediate project insights. Paired with WingtraOne, taps into large coverage and high accuracy VTOL market.

Pix4D photogrammetr software

Pix4DMapper is the industry-leading photogrammetry software for professional mapping applications and is recommended for the WingtraOne.

  • Access one-click image processing
  • Create georeferenced orthomosaics, 3D point clouds and digital surface models
  • Run volume calculations, display contour lines and create 3D textured models
  • Use both desktop and cloud processing options

Other compatible software

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