Bentley ContextCapture

Bentley ContextCapture is a software application that enables you to generate spatially-classified and engineering-ready reality meshes at any desired level of accuracy and scale, including for an entire city.

Bentley Zurich 3D mapping output on computer screen with Bentley logo

Why use Bentley ContextCapture?

Depending on your needs, you can choose from ContextCapture, ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service, or ContextCapture Center. If you are working on an individual desktop computer on a medium-sized project, ContextCapture or ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service are perfect solutions. If you want to use multi-engine parallel processing to speed the production of your reality model, ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service or ContextCapture Center work well.

You can use Bentley ContextCapture reality meshes in many engineering, maintenance, or GIS workflows to provide precise real-world digital context for design, construction, and operations decisions.

Bentley ContextCapture on tablet, laptop and phone
Access and share rich reality meshes of existing conditions for use in any engineering or GIS workflow, across desktop and mobile devices, in many formats, including native use within MicroStation and all Bentley applications.

Produce even the most challenging 3D models, fast

ContextCapture allows you to create digital twins of the current state of infrastructure projects of all types from photographs and/or point clouds. With this software, you don’t need expensive, specialized equipment to quickly create and use these highly detailed, 3D reality meshes, which can be used to provide precise real-world context. These models are proving invaluable to support effective design, construction, and operations decisions for use throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Hybrid processing in ContextCapture allows you to create engineering-ready reality meshes that incorporate high-resolution photography supplemented by point clouds from laser scanning. The software allows you to cut processing time by running two computers in parallel on a single project.

Bentley output hybrid Zurich model
ContextCapture Editor allows integration of meshes with GIS and engineering data to enable intuitive search, navitation and visualization.

Edit and analyze in CAD via ContextCapture Editor

ContextCapture Editor is part of the ContextCapture suite and enables fast and easy manipulation of meshes of any scale as well as the generation of cross sections, extraction of ground and breaklines, and production of orthophotos, 3D PDFs, and iModels.

With ContextCapture Editor you can integrate your meshes with GIS and engineering data to enable the intuitive search, navigation, visualization, and animation of that information within the visual context of the mesh to quickly and efficiently support the design process.

Process massive projects quickly with ContextCapture Center

ContextCapture Center is where projects as large as entire cities can be processed based on support for the most sophisticated aerial camera systems and data. Here, you can create and use highly detailed 3D reality meshes to provide precise real-world context for design, construction, and operations decisions for use throughout the lifecycle of projects.

The reliability of this high performance application gives you the confidence to deliver a model of any size or resolution in less time without the risk of software limitations. ContextCapture Center provides rapid processing by creating a farm of multiple engines that work in parallel to meet your most demanding deadlines. 

With Bentley ContextCapture, you can even leverage a software development kit to create custom solutions to fit your unique organizational needs.

Bentley and WingtraOne: bring your large-scale 3D drone data to the leading edge of processing and practicality

Wingtra flying over Bentley 3D output on a laptop

Wingtra’s VTOL drone pushes the edge of what commercial drones can offer organizations with dependable broad coverage and high-accuracy. Partnering with Bentley helps further realize the potential of the oblique data WingtraOne collects via exceptional processing and analytical tools to generate, analyze and collaborate on 3D reality meshes like this map of Zurich representing the combination of GEN II data and Bentley ContextCapture.

Wingtra + Bentley help industries in:


Run detailed analyses on recurrent surveys to check progress and share information across stakeholders with different levels of access. Conduct calculations of cut/fill quantities as required, and lower costs to perform as-built surveys. Improve site safety with the ability to more effectively communicate jobs and schedules. 

See benefits of using drones in construction and infrastructure

Oil & Gas

Carry out installation, operations, and maintenance simulations to uate potential impacts. Get an accurate perspective of the job site in order to monitor and uate progress. Support asset management by providing an in-context, visual view of equipment linked to operations and engineering data by using high quality 3D reality models made from a combination of imagery and point clouds. Trust that your data is protected when sharing across organizations.


Process, analyze and share large-coverage, high-quality and accurate data with stakeholders, insurance companies and the general public. Speed and improve the accuracy of volumetric calculations for mining excavation and on-site material as well as slope assessments and inspections of structures.


Use real-world digital context of existing conditions during design, construction and operations to enable a whole range of digital workflows for accelerating and improving decision making, optimizing collaboration and coordination, improving safety, and establishing more repeatable inspections processes.

Mapping and Surveying

More safely conduct surveys of dangerous and hard-to-reach locations. Enable the provision of more frequent, cost-effective, repeatable acquisitions for clients. Improve the quality and visual interpretability of 3D maps that can be developed faster and reliably.

The following Bentley software packages are available for purchase through Wingtra:

  • Bentley 30-day trial license ContextCapture
  • Bentley Virtuosity Reality Modeling Worksuite annual license— ContextCapture + 3 Virtuosity Keys

Wingtra LIDAR is here

Experience unmatched efficiency with user-friendliness and reliability.

Watch demo

Watch a recorded session of our online demo webinar and see the WingtraOne GEN II in action.

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