Quickly and seamlessly turn drone aerial data into powerful business insights


A recently-launched photogrammetry platform, delair.ai draws from a deep understanding of the disruptive power of drone data. Accordingly, their software aims to tightly integrate this information into workflows that produce accurate, immediate project insights. Paired with WingtraOne, delair.ai joins other recommended photogrammetry software in tapping the large coverage and high accuracy VTOL market.

delair.ai software on screen

More of the answers drone surveying provides, faster

Drone surveyors collect massive amounts of data on busy project sites. This data is packed with potentially useful information for a range of stakeholders.

The steps between gathering data and unlocking this potential are the precise focus of the delair.ai platform. This cloud-based end-to-end interface aims at transforming drone data into business insights that provide custom-fit advantages for day-to-day workflows.

As ease-of-use is key, the platform provides speedy, accessible solutions for every stage of aerial image processing, analytics and application.

From flight to board room or field tablet, delair.ai delivers business insights to the right people, at the right time, without requiring complicated software skills.

delair.ai software on a tablet
Delair.ai software runs on a range of devices, offering drone data insights and sharing functionality where and when you need them.

Custom fit delair.ai with APIs and kits

Every enterprise runs on a software infrastructure to manage and share information. In order for a large influx of drone data and analytics to be useful, companies need to know that images, outputs and business insights can flow through this same infrastructure.

For this reason, the delair.ai platform features application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable companies to process and tap information-rich data and direct it seamlessly through pre-existing software setups.

Specifically, it’s possible to design apps to automatically upload data to delair.ai, automatically analyze mapping data for specific features, integrate custom IT solutions, and more. All of the features of the platform come with an intuitive delair.ai software development kit (SDK) for easy integration.

volume measurement with delair software
Delair.ai software can calculate stockpile masses from volumes based on a material database.

Both fast and smart

Running on the cloud, delair.ai frees large, recurrent mapping projects from hardware limitations, which speeds things up significantly. But this is just the start. Through the software, users access a catalogue of AI-based analytics that best fit their industry.

Automatic feature identification and measurement provides insights that translate to action in the field. Drone surveying data coupled with deep machine learning analytics can, for example, identify vegetation growing within a boundary that must stay clear. For another example, using a database of material types, the software not only identifies and calculates stockpile volumes, but also estimates its mass.

Integrating these types of analytics into workflows frees up man hours to focus on efficient action around clearer insights that site managers can review and compare over time.

The ability to swipe through maps over a range of time, monitor progress and spot trends is a basic functionality of the delair.ai software and a clear advantage of cloud platforms.

multispectral output with delair.ai software
WingtraOne delair.ai bundle users spend less time in the field and enjoy high data quality from frequently gathered maps that can be monitored over time.

Easy to share, comment and delegate

Stakeholders can easily access and communicate through the delair.ai platform. Access can be gated according to roles. Annotation and notification features offer intuitive ways to mark features and areas and tag team members with action points.

Conversation threads offer a level of transparency while they ease potential confusion around projects. Maps, data and analytics are easy to export in whatever reporting format best suits company needs.

True to the delair.ai focus, the platform makes it as easy as possible to use, share, delegate and extract business insights from aerial data. This potentially informs a tighter-fitting workflow, offering a competitive advantage—in terms of productivity—to the enterprise using this solution.

Delair.ai and WingtraOne: better data, better business intelligence

Thanks to its unique VTOL design, WingtraOne can carry high-end cameras and offer broad and fast coverage without sacrificing accuracy. In fact, this drone solution offers the highest accuracy for coverage in its class.

Recently, Wingtra promoted delair.ai’s focus on the efficient and smooth extraction of business insights to offer a bundle with a rich amount of business insights per flight.

This level of data capture and processing is especially good for enterprises—encouraging the capture of high-quality data and a quick segue to large-scale business intelligence that’s intuitive to share, monitor over time, evaluate and take action with.

delair software and the WingtraOne drone

Why Wingtra recommends delair.ai for your industry

Analyze frequent high-accuracy site maps. Share updates about the current site with stakeholders via annotation, tags, discussions and attachments to make better-informed decisions. Improve safety and compliance through analysis of blocks, berms and high walls. Gather intelligence from orthophotos; DSMs; 3D point clouds, mesh and models; slope maps, change maps and DSM contours.


Measure cut and fill volumes. Optimize imported material quantities and cost. Track your progress rapidly and repeatedly. Compare against project plan, compare design plans to as-built.

Power and utilities

Reduce inspection costs, improve the reliability of systems and improve worker safety with regular surveys, powerful analytics. 3D representation of transmission lines and towers, the possibility to integrate specific analytics around line defects through APIs and the Delair SDK, specific power and utilities analytics, including vectorized conductors, vegetation encroachment detection and point cloud classification.
Large ag firms and plantation managers, as well as supply chain managers and agriculture service providers, will find powerful analytics offering bare soil characterization/DTM, emergence characterization, gaps and counts, and more. A massive reduction in field time paired with a spike in data quality results from regular flight data, producing advanced scouting maps, microplot vectorization, row vectorization and general analysis of heights, gaps, etc.

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