Through interactive digital maps and in-depth analysis, DroneDeploy enables customers to perform better, act faster, and make data-informed business decisions. 

DroneDeploy used for volume calculation

Why use DroneDeploy?

From small businesses to international enterprises, the DroneDeploy platform has proven itself as a leading photogrammetry software provider. It is easy to use through all stages of flight, processing, analytics, and reporting. Plugging in high-end drone data like WingtraOne’s, site managers can make better decisions, and present accurate data with confidence.

Exclusively cloud-based, the DroneDeploy platform can process data gathered from a WingtraOne drone to create insight-rich 2D maps and 3D models. 

DroneDeploy processes large projects at a high quality anywhere in the world—no hardware required. Map processing in the cloud means that customers save time and money they’d spend on in-house hardware and engineering time.

Customers can upload up to 10,000 images at once without specialized hardware or software, and process hundreds of maps simultaneously across an organization.

DroneDeploy also enables users to generate reports that comply with survey standards.

Processing and analyzing everything in the cloud allows customers to run massive data-rich projects on any device.

DroneDeploy Cloud-base photogrammetry software

DroneDeploy features 2D maps, 3D models, photos, and videos

The platform offers a suite of analytics capabilities from inspections, thermal, earthworks, and stockpile analysis. Customers can accurately measure volume, slope, and distance. They can also report value and quantify inventory with Stockpile Reporting to keep all stakeholders informed.

With a digital record of the job site, customers can report issues from the comfort of their office. Within the inspection workflow, they can create, label, and assign issues to team members.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, DroneDeploy can automatically identify stockpiles, count trees, and measure how much earth has been cut or filled from a site. This saves days of time in analysis work and brings insights faster to field teams.

Customers can also explore near-infrared and multispectral maps to detect crop variability within DroneDeploy.

DroneDeploy customers have mapped over 100M acres across 180 countries.

Analyze of cracks on airstrip with DroneDeploy
Analysis of cracks on an airstrip. The images were taken with a WingtraOne drone.

One solution for your aerial mapping drone operations

From small to large enterprises, customers can choose which account level fits best with their business needs. All enterprise customers have access to advanced analysis such as earthworks and stockpile reporting. They also have the flexibility to control permissions and roles—e.g., site managers can use all functions, while clients or upper management benefit most from a comment or view-only access.

DroneDeploy integrates with project management, or document management applications, such as Google Drive, Egynte, Box, and Azure to help bring drone data and insights to a broader audience. Customers can build deep integrations to DroneDeploy with robust APIs.

All customers have access to expert help via drone training, best practices, and program definition from the DroneDeploy professional services and customer success teams.

DroneDeploy and WingtraOne: Tapping the potential of broad-coverage, high-quality data

Data capture with WingtraOne drone and processing in DroneDeploy

WingtraOne’s unique VTOL drone offers customers broad coverage and high-accuracy data with every flight. Like DroneDeploy, Wingtra focuses on ease-of-use for every customer. Wingtra plus DroneDeploy make it easy to upload all images, quickly process all data in the cloud, create powerful maps and models, conduct in-depth analysis, and share all data company-wide with one drone and one software solution.

Now all stakeholders around the world have access to the most up-to-date site data so they can make better and more informed decisions from anywhere.

Wingtra + DroneDeploy help industries in:

Get autonomous coverage of large sites with drone data accuracy down to survey-grade; automatically identify and measure stockpiles and quarry features; quickly share site and aggregate updates with stakeholders.


Gather high-accuracy drone data covering large sites efficiently and often; assess worksites with site-specific measurement tools; compare plans and designs to actual, current site status; review map insights along a timeline; keep stakeholders at all levels informed and involved in key decisions.

See benefits of using drones in construction and infrastructure

Oil & Gas

Cut inspection time by monitoring infrastructure and equipment inventory with regular, broad-coverage, high-accuracy drone data capture; detect and record evidence of equipment damage; improve safety on-site with regular drone data monitoring of risky areas.

Analyze entire fields based on one flight’s high-quality data capture; streamline your scouting program through analytics targeting crop damage and variation; catch pest, disease and equipment interference in early stages to minimize crop loss; proactively respond to weather changes with targeted plans.

[Webinar] Streamline drone operations over large sites with Wingtra and DroneDeploy

Experience simplified mapping in one intuitive platform. Improve collaboration, boost productivity and get true-to-life insights.

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