The Propeller Platform:

3D drone-mapping software that simplifies earthworks progress tracking

Propeller software

Propeller Aero offers a comprehensive drone data workflow combining innovative Propeller AeroPoints, drone survey software, and processing services to simplify the analysis of survey-grade data. Propeller customers benefit from tools that enhance collaboration and data access across their organizations, as well as 24/7 support. Focused specifically on construction, waste management, mining, and aggregates, the Propeller drone solution enables clients to map and measure their site with intuitive tools that everyone can use from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Ensure accurate and reliable survey-grade data, every time, without adding hardware or special skills

Survey data is a critical component of earthworks projects. Inaccurate data is not only costly in terms of materials and labor, it could extend the timeline for the project. Propeller Aero ensures accurate data collection and processing to reduce these challenges.

Customers experience a seamless workflow by simply uploading their drone survey data to the Propeller Platform for processing and 3D map creation. Within 24 hours, this data is processed and returned with a guaranteed accuracy of within 3 cm (1.2 in).

Propeller provides comprehensive processing reports for every survey. This vetted data then lives on the platform to be analyzed and accessed by stakeholders working with mobile devices or laptops, in the field or the office. 

Armed with a single source of truth for all earthwork progress data, both in-field and in-office teams know exactly how fast they’re progressing toward design, what’s left to do, and how the work they’re doing impacts the big picture.

Propeller Aero on laptop, desktop and phone
The Propeller Platform add-on, Crew, allows customers to view interactive 2D maps when out in the field.

Breaking down silos for optimal collaboration

Effective collaboration and project efficiency depend on access to accurate, up-to-date information. The Propeller Platform enables this by allowing unlimited users within a company to access data sets. This means that everyone can work from the same digital twin of a worksite, which eliminates confusion, reduces the potential for errors, and thus saves time and money.

Site managers can manage access levels to give clients and subcontractors a high-level, view-only experience at the same time that teams access more granular levels of information and analyze maps. Plus, stockpile inventory, measurement and take-off reports are available in a couple of clicks.

The Propeller Platform add-on, Crew, is an example of how this process has become even easier. A bridge between the field and office, Crew allows customers to view interactive 2D maps when out in the field. This information is accurate and ready to markup in real time. 

Support like a member of your own team

Propeller customers receive dedicated, unlimited support for data processing and training. With more than 100 employees in Australia, the USA, Netherlands, and the Philippines, Propeller support engineers are available as an extension of the customer’s team.

Propeller works with the formats that are vital to your existing workflows. Import your data in geoTIFF, DXF, DWG, KML, LandXML, LAZ, and KMZ or export as JPEG, TIFF, DXF, or LAZ.

Drone data analysis with Propeller
3D views and volumetrics analysis can be assessed for whatever information is needed via an interactive earthworks toolbox.

Analyze and track progress

Simple and robust, the suite of tools available through the Propeller Platform provides answers to stakeholders, when and where they need them.

3D views and volumetrics analysis can be assessed for whatever information is needed via an interactive earthworks toolbox.

Progress tracking allows customers to upload design surfaces and line work to see how the real-time work is going compared to the final grade. These insights empower teams to stay on track by working together from the same data, adjusting day-to-day workflows accordingly.  

Why Wingtra recommends Propeller for your industry:

WingtraOne data gathering with AeroPoints saves significant time and money compared to traditional survey methods. Once the data is available in the Propeller Platform, you can quickly and regularly track job progress against design while monitoring quality. Plus, high-accuracy data makes disputes much easier to solve. Use your 3D survey to have a visual conversation with your team. Collaborate and report using Propeller as your single source of truth.

Waste management
Gather large amounts of data fast and accurately to improve safety
and efficiency around waste management operations. Quickly
calculate remaining airspace and get an accurate sense of
compaction rates and density.
All of this adds up to a lean, safe, cost-effective workflow.

Cover large sites and entire pits fast and accurately. Cut costs and streamline workflows with reliable data processing tools. Upload design surfaces to visually track progress against your 3D site survey and see how far you’ve got to go. Via web browser, measure stockpile volumes, check road grades, generate topo maps and track progress against design in minutes. Compare one survey to another to see changes over time. Spot nonconformance issues before they become expensive.

By making WingtraOne drone data both accurate and easy to use, the Propeller Platform offers a turnkey solution to quarry staff who want to integrate drones to improve a wide range of operations. Manage your site, measure your inventory volumes, and make sure your extraction plans align with reality.

WingtraOne and Propeller software

Propeller PPK and WingtraOne

Process, extract, and share useful information from large datasets with confidence and ease. WingtraOne combines with AeroPoints for a seamless PPK surveying workflow that directly addresses customer challenges and provides a simple yet powerful solution that cuts time and cost as well as headaches around complicated construction projects. Wingtra’s large, high-accuracy datasets, which are pushing the drone survey industry forward, can now be processed effortlessly with the Propeller Platform. This data can then be used to its maximum potential, since teams have access and can call on robust levels of professional data analysis support constantly available.

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