Australian surveyor diversifies with WingtraOne

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Two years ago Alf McMillan launched his company airsome, starting a journey into agricultural surveying. He targeted broad-acre agriculture—large cereal crop—mapping as a service, and he conducted a lot of tech research to provide the best data on these kinds of projects. That was the plan. Then he found Wingtra.

Since I’ve had the WingtraOne, I’m finding that I’m getting a lot of other work that’s not in that area. I’m doing all kinds of things. I’ve just been asked to look at a forestry job for example.

Alf McMillan
Drone surveyor

Working mostly alone, McMillan has now widened his focus on gathering data for clients that helps them take major steps forward in how they handle crops and manage land. He recently completed a 600 ha (1480 ac) survey for a family wanting a “snapshot in time” of their property before a major reclamation project.

“I was actually brought into this by another drone consultancy firm, but they didn’t have this type of equipment,” McMillan said. “So they wanted me because I had WingtraOne, and this was the technology that was going to give them a result.”

The survey, conducted with the MicaSense RedEdge-MX payload, took 8 ½ hours of flight time over 4 (short, winter) days. McMillan said results surpassed client expectations.

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