Bavaria looks to drones to improve their agriculture audits

WingtraOne survey and mapping drone

Bavaria is the largest state in Germany and boasts one of the biggest economies in Europe, based among other industries on agriculture. Farmers get subsidies from the Bavarian government based on area under management and crop type. In turn, the government conducts audits to make sure farmers are working the areas correctly. When satellite data is not enough, officials determine the usage limits on foot using a GPS device. This is not only time-consuming but can also be strikingly inaccurate.

A farmer can lose subsidies for hundreds of square meters because of this. With WingtraOne we have centimeter-level accuracy, so we can look at the data and measure the area correctly.

Daniel Scharvogel
Drone pilot program official at the Department of Food Agriculture and Forestry in Bavaria

Scharvogel oversees a two-year pilot project based on data gathered by 2 WingtraOne drones—covering northern and southern Bavarian regions, including, for example, the Alpine regions. Last growing season they got into a rhythm with data capture as well as onboarding about the new level of accuracy and hardware needs. This year, they’re organized to push the drones to gather as much data as possible—up to 300 ha per day of flying, specifically. 


“We are quite far with quite good quality data,” Scharvogel said. “If this project is successful, then we will buy more drones and expand their use to all of Bavaria.”

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