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There are around 20,000 airports in the US and just 5,000 are open to the public. These spaces require careful planning, construction and maintenance.

Jviation, Inc., a Woolpert company, provides start-to-finish airport development engineering services. They’ve been using WingtraOne for 1.5 years to survey airport infrastructure and safety areas.

“The best thing any UAS has to offer, and definitely the WingtraOne, is streamlining workflow dramatically,” said Justin Ness, survey manager at Jviation.

A project that would have taken 3 to 4 days for a crew with old-school traditional methods can be done in 2 hours. It's safer for our guys in the field and folks at the airport, because we’re not in their air space as long.

Justin Ness
Survey manager at Jviation

Jviation’s Geospatial Specialist, Sara Courter (pictured) flies WingtraOne to conduct vegetation analysis and survey airports under construction or remodeling. “Once safety checks and plans are set up, flying with WingtraOne, even if you’ve had issues when a plane comes in to land is so easy.”

“It’s paid off,” Ness said. “Just last week the engineers called us for an area they hadn’t asked for during the design process. We had it. That airport is a 20 hour drive from here, so we saved a lot of time and resources. That’s a big plus for the WingtraOne.”

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