Chilean mining survey firm covers 1200 ha per week

VMS Chile with WingtraOne

VMS Estudios Topograficos works with clients throughout Chile. The company focuses on metallic and non-metallic mining, and surveys in urban and industrial zones in the north of the country.  It also provides cadastral data for the government to manage land titling as well as help protect areas from flooding in the south.

The company uses advanced technology to stay competitive and give the best quality to its clients. In April, 2019, VMS purchased its first WingtraOne, and in June 2020 they were so satisfied that they bought a second.

Wingtra at the beginning met our expectations for easy launch and landing. Yet once it was launched the surprises kept appearing. For example, its stable flight lines mean clear, well-focused images. That clarity alone saves us time since we don’t have to review images—each one of them can be trusted.

Vinko Morilla Staforelli

Since April 2019, the company has flown 757 flights over 202 hours of flight time. That’s around 1200 ha per week for open pit mines, volumetric projects, residual material deposit areas, stacking and leaching areas and rubble dumps. 

“The point clouds from WingtraOne are the best in terms of definition and low noise index,” Staforelli said. “This is compared with past drone data experiences.”


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