DJ&A sees a big improvement in drone data workflows with WingtraCLOUD

DJ&A is a multidisciplinary engineering firm offering environmental surveying and planning services across the US. With offices in Montana, Colorado, Washington, and South Dakota, their team serves federal, local and private clients, and it has won a reputation for great service. 

What has set D&J apart from the beginning is an emphasis on the latest technology combined with proactive and knowledgeable service.

“I’m in my fourth season here at DJ&A,” said Lucas Veteto, UAS and Survey Technician at DJ&A, P.C.“ What we have seen over time are incremental changes.  


Mountainous terrain, pilot training on complex missions, coordinate transformation, complex workflows

But from the time we got Wingtra, it was the single biggest change we’ve seen in any of our workflows. It completely replaced a few of our imagery drones and looks to replace our LiDAR drone in the coming years. By far, it is the best survey drone we have in our fleet.

Lucas Veteto
UAS and Survey Technician at DJ&A, P.C. 

More productivity in less time and with less stress

As a survey technician charged with fast data capture and turnarounds, Veteto has been a perfect lead Wingtra customer to test out how its latest product suite, WingtraCLOUD, impacts workflows and so much more. He’s been using it across some Montana springtime projects and already notes a profound difference in efficiency.

“WingtraCLOUD has made nearly every step of my photogrammetry workflow simpler—from flight planning and preparation, to field data collection, field safety preparation, and post-processing,” Veteto said. “I can fly more sites and cover more area in a day with less fiddling with USB drives on site or in the office.”

And like any in-demand business, DJ&A looks for ways to scale, so WingtraCLOUD is proving itself as a game-changer when introducing new colleagues to otherwise-complex drone data workflows.

“I’m in the process of training our next drone pilot and WingtraCLOUD makes training significantly easier,” Veteto said. “It allows the person that I’m training to see the entire workflow all in one app—they can go through the entire flight planning process, all the way to the final product.”  

Lucas Veteto and the WingtraOne GEN II drone
While WingtraOne GEN II is an exceptionally easy drone to fly for how powerful it is, WingtraCLOUD takes that ease of use to the next level, and Veteto says it's even easier to train a pilot now.

WingtraCLOUD makes everything simpler for a person new to drones to understand. When I was in the position of being new to drone mapping three years ago, it took more repetitions for me to gain an understanding because of the unnecessary complications WingtraCLOUD has now removed.

Lucas Veteto
UAS and Survey Technician at DJ&A, P.C. 

WingtraOne GEN II in Montanta
Flight plans are now even easier in complex locations thanks to WingtraCLOUD planning, sharing and processing features.

Spend more time on insights, and less fixing errors

Since drone data emerged as such a powerful asset across industries, many companies jumped in to provide niche solutions along the workflow, yet this means transferring data across different technical environments. WingtraCLOUD is different.

“The biggest thing we’ve seen is that WingtraCLOUD takes out applications from our whole workflow,” Veteto said. “Instead of going through three or four, we are suddenly down to one or two, and the time it takes to go from planning for field work to a final product is significantly shortened.

From real-time team syncing from anywhere, anytime in the world, to site-level flight organization, the WingtraCLOUD interface was developed from hundreds of customer interviews, and it shows. Veteto is particularly impressed with the 3D planning:

“Most of our flights are here in Montana and they’re either up the side of a mountain or in the valleys of some pretty steep terrain,” he said. “In other software, I have to trust that the terrain that’s loaded in for terrain following applications is accurate, butwith WingtraCLOUD, I can see that depicted in 3D before I even set foot in the field.”

What’s perhaps most exciting, though, is the reduction in rework.

Every time you have an extra step, you introduce a chance for errors. By removing steps and third-party software from the process, WingtraCLOUD reduces the chance that we get to our final product and then we have to take steps backwards in order to solve an issue.

Lucas Veteto
UAS and Survey Technician at DJ&A, P.C. 


Scale your mapping operations with ease

Combine the coverage, precision, and ease-of use of WingtraOne with the advanced capabilities of WingtraCLOUD. Together, they simplify your mapping workflow on a single, intuitive platform.

Tighter collaboration

Sync projects in real time across devices and locations.

Increased productivity

Efficiently and safely plan flights, even across complex terrains

Simplified mapping

Enable your team to hit the ground from day one thanks to an intuitive interface.
Experience simplified mapping in one intuitive platform. Improve collaboration, boost productivity and get true-to-life insights.

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