Drone data boosts sustainable farm prototypes in Serbia

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LoginEKO—part of the Login5 Foundation—is running a project in Serbia to develop new sustainable and large-scale eco farming practices that ensure the well-being of natural habitats and people.

“Our goal is to establish a new model for sustainable, large-scale farming,” said Miloš Lauter, drone operator with LoginEKO. “We collect data from sensors, weather stations, and drones among other tools to provide a model for others to replicate and produce healthy, organic food.”

Since early May 2020, LoginEKO has flown around 260 flights. Every month they capture 5cm (2in) accuracy RGB data on the entire project measuring 4200ha (10,400ac). They fly smaller areas daily to monitor crops closely, collecting both 7cm (2.8in) multispectral data and 2cm (0.8in) RGB data.

There are specific phases in the life of the plants and we need to record and analyze these. Drought, pest damage, disease, etc.

Miloš Lauter
Drone operator with LoginEKO

The team is pleased with WingtraOne’s ability to handle Serbia’s high winds (averaging 10 m/s or 22 mph).

“VTOL is really good for us,” Lauter said. “With other drones we need to find a bigger area and watch the wind direction carefully. With WingtraOne, I find a 5×5 m (16×16 ft) area, and I’m sure I can take-off and land.”

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