Drone mapping a high-profile snowboarding event in high winds

Jackson Hole mountain output by WingtraOne

Scott Northrop owns Drone Tech Imaging, a survey and mapping firm based in the US Southwest. For several years, he and his son Dalton have been gathering and processing drone data for a range of projects. Recently, a contact was so impressed by a WingtraOne output Northrop shared on social media that he asked him to come to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to map the Red Bull Natural Selection Snowboarding course.


Lucky thing this happened.

The wind was blowing really hard, and bad weather was forecasted, so we had limited time to complete the mission. The Wingtra kind of saved the day. I mean we mapped at 8000 feet (AMSL) with winds blowing and eagles chasing drones. You’re not going to do this with quadcopters.

Scott Northrop
Owner, Drone Tech Imaging

After seeing how easily WingtraOne mapped the course, the Northrops were asked if they could map the entire mountain down to the base.   So Dalton did, and his dad processed. In fact, processing is something Scott Northrop has a wealth of experience doing, particularly specializing post-processing workflows to produce exceptional products. He works with data from the full range of top-brand drones, yet he’s smitten by WingtraOne: 

“I don’t know how the algorithms are written … but the way that the engineers at Wingtra have technically structured the system, it absolutely blows my mind. It does things that no other drone does,” said Northrop.

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