Faster, more-accurate village surveys in Switzerland

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A small survey firm in Switzerland has begun to map villages in Canton Valais with WingtraOne, and the results are so good they use them for cadastral surveying.

“We are in contact with the canton [government] so that they accept that we rely on digitized orthophotos, instead of going into the field with a GPS or theodolite,” said Roxane Pott, Geomatic Engineer at Jean-Michel Vuadens SA.

With WingtraOne, the firm has been able to take on a range of broad-coverage projects. Pott said some of them require resolution down to 3 cm/1.2 in.

The VTOL is interesting for us because we are in a mountainous area, and we often don’t have a lot of space to take off. Also, the terrain following is helpful here—it’s able to cover these large areas at a high resolution and accuracy with the PPK.

Roxane Pott
Geomatic Engineer at Jean-Michel Vuadens SA

The efficiency around the village surveys is striking. The areas measure about 500 ha (1235 ac) each, and Pott said traditional methods would take at least 2 weeks, start-to-finish. With WingtraOne, it takes 3 days, and the quality is better.

“We’re really impressed by the quality of the photos,” Pott said. “The [2 cm/0.8 in] GSD is amazing. The confederation is making some photos as well, and you cannot compare. Now that we are used to this great quality we cannot go back.

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