GEO1copter pilots bird sanctuary study with WingtraOne drone data

GEO1copter researcher with WingtraOne on island

Western Pomerania Lagoon National Park is a protected area in northeast Germany known for its high bird diversity. As part of a master thesis, Dr. Jan Lehmann and his students—members of a tech applications group, GEO1copter at the University of Münster—worked in close cooperation with the park management to collect drone data on two of the bird sanctuary islands.

Since it’s a resolution midpoint between satellite data and terrestrial data, GEO1copter ran this as a pilot study of drone data capture as a potential valuable tool for ecological purposes.

So this was the start. There are two different applications we provided for the park—vegetation analysis and bird colony counting.

Jan Lehmann
Head of the GEO1copter

Flying WingtraOne with the MicaSense RedEdge-MX and the Sony RX1R II, the team gathered multispectral (at 8.2 cm/3.23 in resolution) and RGB data (at 1.3 cm/0.5 in resolution) across 700 ha (1730 ac). Importantly, they didn’t observe disturbances among the birds.

“A VTOL drone, like WingtraOne, was the only way we could do this field work, launching from a distance and covering a large area,” Lehmann said. “It also offers the advantage of a quick take-off. Shooting up 50 meters fast, it was then gone and quiet.”

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