GreenField uses drone data to promote eco-friendly agriculture

GreenField pilots in field with WingtraOne

No-till agriculture is—as it sounds—farming without tilling the soil. The benefits of this practice are clear when you consider the drawbacks of tilling, as Clint Brauer, Co-Founder of GreenField explains: “Anytime you turn the soil over, you emit a lot of carbon. Not just from the tractor, but also from the soil itself. This carbon is frankly a big part of what makes soil healthy. 


And so when you lose that carbon, you're just eliminating a food source for the microbes in the soil, along with your ability to absorb rainfall and reduce soil erosion. And you're losing your ability to have high nutrient dense food as a result.

Clint Brauer
Co-Founder, GreenField

The one issue with no-till, however, is the reason till became so popular in the first place—weeds. But with the help of WingtraOne data and some savvy robots, GreenField is proving that tech can help here big time.

“We use WingtraOne to generate 2D and 3D models that help us understand the layout of the field, where the crops are and where our robots should go,” Brauer said. “Using this data, our current robots go between the rows of the crops, and instead of spraying herbicides, they knock out the weeds mechanically. And they’ll do that two or three times in a crop season.”

WingtraOne has enabled GreenField to cover much more area and demonstrate the feasibility of its solution even more than with its previous drone solution. 

“We can cover a lot more acres quickly with WingtraOne,” Brauer said. “And we found that the software is much better designed and presents fewer errors or problems than we have with DJI. I also think the software is just much easier to use and set up than what we’ve seen on other platforms. And we can just cover a lot more acres.”


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