Greenland calls on WingtraOne to boost its growing construction industry

Greenland has long relied on the fishing industry to bolster its economy. But it’s looking in other directions to diversify its source of income. Since 2014, a focus on its natural resources has led the country to becoming one of the most interesting mining nations in the years to come. There’s also a growing emphasis on tourism, with two large airport projects in the works.

Mikkel Myrup is a drone operator who runs Nunamaps in Greenland. He’s capturing data with the WingtraOne to show local officials and the construction sector the power of photogrammetry to boost workflows and save money. 

Flying with Wingtra’s RX1R II payload for more than a year now, Myrup said:


WingtraOne makes it easy to retrieve data from large areas, which would be impossible for my company using a rotor drone.

One historical project Myrup flew for the National Museum of Greenland documents a prehistoric hunting area, Aasivissuit. For this, he covered nearly 2000 ha (5000 ac) in six flights for an average GSD of 4.98 cm (2 in). 

As photogrammetry gains traction, he’s getting busier with construction jobs.

“Wingtra’s PPK-system and high-resolution sensor provides me with the consistent precision needed to produce high-quality sub-cm GSD, and less than 3 cm final (X,Y) accuracy data for my construction clients,” Myrup said.

For another example of Myrup’s work with WingtraOne, check out this video featuring a mapping project for the national museum to document the abandoned mining town of Qullissat.

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