Kenya Red Cross helps manage refugee settlements with drone data

WingtraOne GEN II and Kenya Red Cross truck

At this moment, tens of millions of people worldwide live as internally-displaced or migrant refugees. Aid and infrastructure are critical to their survival and long-term wellbeing.

As part of its research and learning initiatives, the remotely piloted aircrafts (RPAS) division of the Kenya Red Cross (KRCS) recently partnered with OpenStreetMap and the UN’s refugee agency UNHCR to conduct high-resolution surveys of about 76 km2 (30 mi2) of refugee settlements, where between 200 and 250 thousand people live.

WingtraOne GEN II is the preferred mapping drone for this KRCS mapping use case. It is safe and efficient. WingtraPilot is user-friendly. The pre-flight checklist is quite extensive as far as safety and data quality are concerned, and the Wingtra support team is on point and very supportive. The data quality is top-notch.

Swabira Abdulrazak
Innovation Officer and focal person for KRCS’s RPAS unit

The entire mission took 37 days, with 17 dedicated purely to flying. Carrying the RX1R II payload, the WingtraOne GEN II gathered data to generate outputs that are being used to generate machine learning models to update maps of the area over time. These views will help stakeholders make informed development decisions about infrastructure, roads and facilities across the settlements.

“The WingtraOne GEN II was able to fly in very hot areas here in Northern Kenya, and amidst quite high wind speeds, while still gathering data that met all of our project requirements,” Abdulrazak said.

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