Securing large survey tenders in Australia

Surveying with WingtraOne in Australia

Based in Australia, Samuel Van Eldik has been an engineering surveyor for 30 years. For half of that time, he’s operated his firm Platinum Surveys Pty. Ltd. / Ocean and Earth Aerial Photography. For the last 7+ years he’s worked with drones. “I’ve been working with rotary drones, like DJI,” Van Eldik said. “I didn’t like the fixed-wings because they crash land. But then I started to get more tenders for larger projects, and the rotary I had couldn’t handle them efficiently.”

To give his clients the most cost-effective solution, he researched better tech. “Clients needed large-area data capture, so I reached out to C.R.Kennedy Imaging and invested in a WingtraOne, and this is my third job with it,” he said, describing a 26 km (16 mi) road survey leading to World-Heritage listed Exmouth, which took 10 days start to finish. He said the accuracy has been “above expectations,” noting other perks as well:

The speed WingtraOne flies, how quiet it is and the area it covers is incredible.

Samuel Van Eldik
Samuel Van Eldik Owner at Platinum Surveys Pty. Ltd. / Ocean and Earth Aerial Photography

He added “Plus, having that guarantee when you travel more than 400 km to fly that when you get back to the office your data is correct. I’ve found with other drones sometimes you get blur, mismatch, and just problems.”

“I’ve actually got 5 large survey tenders in at the moment. So lots of new jobs coming because of Wingtra.”

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