Major Swiss construction firm enjoys a “higher quality” drone experience

Marti Group WingtraOne city orthomosaic

The Marti Group is one of the leading construction groups in Switzerland, with about 7000 employees and 80 offshoots. Alberto Macias is a Senior Business Development Manager at Marti Dienstleistungen AG, a support branch providing GIS, BIM and other support services to the group’s companies. After just three months flying with WingtraOne he is already impressed with the ROI and quality of the results.

I used it already several times and the results are very good. For instance the quality is much higher than the other drones, and the advantage of the VTOL is amazing as well as the advantage of not needing ground control points.

Alberto Macias
Senior Business Development Manager at Marti Dienstleistungen AG

So far Macias and his team have used WingtraOne on rail corridor projects to capture data with accuracies of between 1-2 cm (0.4-0.8 in) for re-designing SBB rail lines.  

“We take a topographic map of the track so we can build a 3D model that gives us the volumes that we have to take off and put in,” he explained. “We also bring the data from the model to the machines to build the track structures.”

Beyond excellent data quality, Macias is impressed by the time savings and smooth workflow with WingtraOne:

“If I compare and I have two similar projects, with a Wingtra I could do in 1.5 days what with eBee took about 1 week including post-processing. So it’s quite a difference.”

Learn more about the Marti Group and the types of projects they are using drone data for.

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