Mexican firm aims for big social impacts with drone cadastral data

Omphika drone pilot flying WingtraOne

Of the 2500 counties in Mexico, only about 300 have proper cadastral studies based on survey data, and some of these are old paper maps. This limits the management of land and populated areas across the country. With WingtraOne, a Mexican geospatial company, Omphika, is working to change this.

WingtraOne has cut my job times in half. This is great because I can pass the cost reduction to my clients when it becomes helpful in small rural places. This is important for the people and the betterment of infrastructure and government. Plus, this helps decide the right cost of property tax.

José Luis Monter Sánchez
CEO of Omphika

Monter said WingtraOne can easily map complex areas with mountains and coastline. In just one day and four flights, his team captured 1200 ha (2970 ac) of data with the RX1R II payload. These kinds of results are boosting business and winning the approval of governments, who see this as a breakthrough for the future of their jurisdictions.

Plus, the stability of WingtraOne when capturing data makes a huge difference when processing results—see here where Sanchez compares data from WingtraOne and SenseFly eBee during processing

“We’ve only flown WingtraOne for one month, but we flew 21 times,” Monter said. “Now three cities, Manzanillo, Tecomán and Armería, from the state of Colima, have seen the results and said we can go ahead and capture another part of the land. 

“With WingtraOne, we as a business still benefit and continue making a living while everybody gets to win from the lower prices we offer—it’s like Robin Hood!”

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