Northern Tornadoes Project turns to WingtraOne to track Canada’s extreme weather events

Northern Tornadoes Project with WingtraOne

Canada’s true tornado climatology and risk is difficult to accurately assess due to the low population density in the northern, colder regions. In 2017 Western University’s Northern Tornadoes Project was founded to improve tornado detection and help mitigate harm to people and property while tracking implications of climate change. The project recently started using WingtraOne to map larger areas faster.

With WingtraOne, we’re mapping areas that would have been very difficult to do in a timely fashion before. From last year to this year, we’ve increased the number of orthomosaic maps published by 300 percent. Thanks to this increase in speed, we’ll be able to provide more high-quality data to the public.

Dr. Connell Miller
Wind Impacts Researcher with the Northern Tornadoes Project

Miller said that the key benefits of aerial data include affirming the exact start and end point as well as width of the tornado’s destruction path, which is hard to assess accurately from the ground. The high-quality data then helps determine the tornado’s intensity, and WingtraOne PPK speeds the setup while maintaining accuracy. 

“Time is the most critical thing for us,” Miller said. “People clean up from tornadoes really quickly, so we need to get on site and map the damage fast—we don’t have time to set up GCPs.”

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