Preventing flood damage in Obregon, Mexico

Propeller Mexico flying WingtraOne

Ciudad Obregon in Sonora, northern Mexico, has an extremely dry climate, with less than 5 days of rain per year. So why would anyone be concerned about flooding? Turns out the soil there is not very absorbent, so when the rains come, a current of water flows over infrastructure, and since the land is pitched in on itself, the water lingers and creates more damage. 

To engineer a solution for this situation, professionals need high-accuracy survey data to analyze land features and model water flow. Photogrammetry is the fastest way to get this information, so Propeller Mexico captured the area with WingtraOne.

In fact, the municipality requested the 11,800 ha (29,158 ac) survey in a short time to keep on schedule with their hydraulic modeling plans.

This deadline led us to consider different options. But after a test flight in a light aircraft and comparing the results and costs with our VTOL drone, we knew the best way was with WingtraOne.

Raúl Martínez
Project Manager, Propeller Mexico

Propeller and WingtraOne captured the area in 22 flights over 4 days with a final accuracy of 5-7 cm (2-2.8 in). From experience, Martínez said that with an eBee it would have taken 10 days plus some risks.

“Using VTOL equipment gave us the ability to take off and land from any part of the project precisely, without risk to the equipment or infrastructure in the urban and vegetated areas around us,” Martínez said. “Plus, flying at 750 m (2460 ft) altitude and still getting excellent accuracy is something that no other equipment could achieve.”

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