Wingtra’s RGB61 payload unlocks new levels of service for government and sensitive projects

ES2 drone survey pilot and WingtraOne GEN II in the field

Since the mid-90s, Environmental Science Services, Inc. (Es²) has been serving clients in the southern US. It’s built a solid reputation as a provider of leading-edge geospatial services involving field and aerial data collection, environmental engineering and spill response.

Over the years, prominent private sector and government clients have come to depend on Es². Part of this success springs from the use of reliable, advanced equipment and methods that enable fast, high-quality results. The CEO and founder of Es², Andrew Milanes, has been flying the WingtraOne mapping drone since its first generation. With the WingtraOne GEN II he was one of the first users of the RGB61 payload and sees the clear business advantages of this latest advance in drone data capture.

RGB61 reduces the amount of time it takes to perform the flight, which is always important, because you can reduce the number of batteries required. You can also fly larger areas in a single day. And if you have a tight weather window, it allows you to get these projects done. When in the past, you probably wouldn't have been able to do it just because of the longer flight time.

Andrew Milanes
CEO and founder of Es²

These days, Milanes and Es² are working with the Army Corps of Engineers on a flood control channel that’s about a mile long. They map it at least monthly, but sometimes weekly, to calculate volumes, and develop contour maps, elevations and cross sections among other control measures. The GEN II and RGB61 not only provide the highest quality data, but also enable exceptional customer service. 

“It’s such a large area—approximately 400 acres,” Milanes said. “It would be too time consuming, and labor intensive to perform this manually. Since the contractor wants to get paid for as much work as possible during that month, with the Wingtra we’re able to wait until the last days, fly the project and within one to two days have the data turned around so they can use it for their invoicing.”

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