Survey team maps shifting Maldives sands with ease

Surveyors with WingtraOne in the Maldives

The Water Solutions survey firm in Maldives is using WingtraOne to map three small newly-reclaimed islands in the South Male’ Atoll. They’re specifically checking if the winds and changing currents shift the land along the coast, and if so, how much. With WingtraOne they’re able to gather regular data to analyze the shoreline and help determine if specific protection is needed to secure the islands.

We use WingtraOne to cover all three islands in one flight, which saves us time and gives us accurate results after post processing. We use Pix4D to process the images and further analyze the images and point clouds using other software. We’ve been able to see changes using difference models, and this allows for easy decision making during projects.

Mohammed Affan Shakir
Offshore Surveyor, Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The mapping projects require 3 cm (1.2 in) accuracy, so the team relies on WingtraOne’s Sony QX1 payload to conduct daily surveys.

“We try to send our client the progress data at the end of every day,” Shakir said. “WingtraOne lets us carry out monitoring this frequently because it maps large areas really fast.” 

Shakir said that so far, they have only had a positive experience with WingtraOne, noting the following specific benefits:

“Makes less noise than a DJI while mapping—lets us map resorts where the tourists do not like to hear a lot of noise during their holiday.”

“The planning software is very easy to use and straightforward. It took us one flight to fully familiarize ourselves with the take-off and landing procedures. The level of automation involved makes it very easy to teach a team member how to use the drone and confidently start mapping. And the processing software is very user friendly and easy to use.”

“The drone is stable during flight even with moderate winds, this can be seen in the data. This is something we appreciate.”

“When working between islands logistics can be a nightmare at times. With WingtraOne we just mobilize the drone in its box, and we are good to fly in just a matter of minutes. 

In the end, Shakir noted: “VTOL really comes in handy as we are able to fly from really small islands and spaces where it really is the only way to land and take off. It simply makes sense and it’s the coolest thing watching it take off and do its thing.” 

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