Wingtra creates stunning digital twin of Zurich

As Wingtra  just launched its next-generation GEN II commercial mapping drone with a new Oblique Sony a6100 payload option, the engineering team sought to test it out. What better way than to map the city of Zurich? 

Wingtra’s mapping specialist Andrea Nater went out and flew  800 ha (1980 ac) of the city center at a GSD of 3.1 cm (1.2 in) in just 6 flight hours. To cover this area this fast in this setting would have been impossible with any other drone, she suspects. 

If you want to map a city efficiently, you need to be able to take off and land in small places reliably. Then, you need an advanced, smooth workflow. With GEN II, you can literally put the drone down and a minute later you can take off.
Andrea Nater
Wingtra Mapping Specialist

“Desktop planning was quite helpful before setting out, and in the city it was easy to adjust the plans on the tablet,” she added. 

The results, processed by Bentley Context Capture, were quite impressive. Plus, the amount of data captured was still relatively lean. 

“The GEN II oblique option is really different than other payloads,” Nater explained, “because you don’t have to fly a cross-grid and can capture in one shot what other systems might need five to achieve.” 

In the end, such detailed 3D data is essential to any city on the path to digital transformation. It allows city officials, urban planners, engineers and architects to design urban environments with better quality of life, and to plan and monitor critical infrastructure as well as simulate the effect of environmental changes. 

with Bentley ContextCapture

with Esri Site Scan

Wingtra LIDAR is here

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