WingtraOne GEN II helps track erosion destruction in Ecuador

Andes Waypoint with WingtraOne GEN II Coca river Ecuador

Massive and rapid erosion of the Coca River started in February 2020, when Ecuador’s largest waterfall, San Rafael, collapsed. The destruction has progressed almost 13 km (8 mi) and has destroyed highways, oil pipelines and power lines, as well as private property. One of three winners of the Wingtra Earth Day Challenge in 2022, Andes Waypoint, is capturing drone data of this area much faster and at a higher resolution now thanks to their WingtraOne GEN II drone.

With the little drones we only covered a very small area with one or two batteries. With the Wingtra we can cover about 300 hectares (740 ac) per flight. With the erosion, we don’t have a way to get close to the area—the roads have been destroyed. So it’s a big help to cover one whole town in one flight.

Fabian Vinueza
General Manager, Andes Waypoint

Andes Waypoint has so far collected three surveys of the affected areas, providing comprehensive, high-accuracy data captured with the GEN II a6100 payload. They share this data with the municipality of El Chaco, the local fire department and the national risk management service, Servicio Nacional de Gestión de Riesgos y Emergencias


“We are so happy,” Vinueza said. “WingtraOne is a very useful tool for the work we are doing—it’s an amazing drone. We’ve tried a lot of drones. I am a remote pilot certified by the FAA in the US, and I can say that the outputs and the photos with Wingtra are an improvement—they are very clear.”

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