How WingtraOne GEN II plus Trimble Stratus powered by Propeller optimize pipeline construction [case study]

Ledcor pipeline use case with WingtraOne GEN II and Trimble powered by Propeller

Headquartered in the US and Canada, Ledcor is a diversified construction company comprising teams of experts who work together to “design, build, transport, operate, and maintain projects all over North America.”

A control foreman at Ledcor, Luiz Araujo, recently explained how flying with WingtraOne GEN II and processing data with Trimble Stratus powered by Propeller has been a boon for Ledcor’s work on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project.

Using the drone surveying solution I had previously worked with would definitely have been a lot more work and would have taken more people to capture and process the data. In general, Trimble Stratus saves us a lot of time, personnel, and effort. And with Wingtra, I can cover more ground and still get great results.

Luiz Araujo
Control Foreman, Ledcor

For the Trans Mountain expansion, Ledcor is building 200 kilometers (124 miles) of pipeline. It’s a challenge since the area features mountains, steep slopes and limited access. Araujo oversees all of the survey layouts as well as topographical and land surveying operations for this project. He says the Wingtra-Trimble combination is perfect for capturing data along big corridors across big areas and tracking progress.

“We’re definitely able to do more with Trimble and Wingtra than we would with any other system,” he said. “It’s been a valuable asset for all of the departments on the project. We’re able to do more surveying and other things. If I had to process my own data, I’d have to either use a lot of my own time or hire someone else to process that. So, there’s a savings there.”

This case is a direct adaptation of the original, in-depth, case study featured on the Propeller website here.

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