Wingtra’s RGB61 payload brings advantages to a world-leading design firm

HDR geomatics lab team and WingtraOne GEN II

Carlos Femmer is the director of data acquisition at HDR, an employee-owned engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services company rated sixth in ENR’s Top 500 Design Firms. HDR’s Data Acquisition’s UAV team has been using WingtraOne GEN II on a range of large-scale monitoring and mapping projects. He says a key part of HDR’s success with drones involves choosing the right system for the job, and for large areas, Wingtra is beneficial.

In fact, the HDR team developed a Geomatics Lab at their HDR Lafayette campus to test payloads for performance for drones, LIDAR and survey systems, and to train their data acquisition team. As a lead customer of Wingtra’s RGB61, Femmer reported:

“We’ve run flights at 200 and 300 feet, and we’ve captured a pretty good comparison of that payload [with Wingtra’s previous flagship, the RX1R II].



"For the number of photos, we’re seeing 40 percent less at 200 feet, and 41 percent less at 300.  If we look at the flight time, that's where it starts to get interesting. At 200 feet (61 m), we had about 19 percent more efficiency and at 300 (91 m) feet, 35 percent. 

Carlos Femmer
Director of Data Acquisition, HDR

“That’s 17 minutes versus 11 minutes. So if you imagine that in larger areas, over many projects, that adds up to quite a considerable amount of time. For processing time, you’re looking at about 14 percent faster at 200 feet and 17 percent faster at 300 feet. For pixel resolution, we are seeing 11 percent degradation at 200 feet (61 m) and 15% degradation at 300 feet (91 m) as compared to the [Sony RX1R II]  42 megapixel payload.  For construction projects and things that we’re looking for, I think this is phenomenal.” 

In addition to this exciting boost to efficiency, Femmer says that because of the US Department of Defense compliance of the WingtraOne GEN II BLU, his team has been able to take on projects without missing any opportunities.

“We’ve used the GEN II on projects like the Purple Heart Memorial Highway, as a state-compliant system, and that’s been a big win,” he said. “Right now, we’re seeing a trend where states are banning drones from foreign countries of concern (e.g., DJI drones). Having already established a partnership with Wingtra, we seamlessly continued our operations, consistently delivering high-quality work and collaborating with various DOD, Federal and state entities.  Regarding the 61-megapixel project, we have been fortunate to partner with Wingtra.”  

Special thanks to Wingtra partner Sitech South for providing exceptional customer service to Femmer and his team. 


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