Wingtra hack 2018
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The music and video was created in 48 hours by 5 Wingtranauts during WingtraHack 2018, our annual hackathon event. Why Wingtra, why all of us together? This video tries to give an accurate answer to this question.


We build flying robots to provide data for the future.

Wingtra aims to have a large-scale, positive impact on the human condition. We do this through technology and robots–enabling industry professionals to make better decisions through safer, faster and better quality aerial data collection.

We work for humans

Wingtra is a human company. Individuals do matter. We want to enable people who use our product as well as those who work for Wingtra. We offer fulfilling jobs and a supportive environment to Wingtranauts.

We are a unique group of humans

We are a group of individuals, who are excellent at our professional roles. We are curious, love to learn, solve problems, and get things done.

Data, voice, and transparency

In our communication, arguments trump opinions, and data and statistics trump arguments.. Everybody has a voice and has the right to present their arguments or information. We are honest and transparent. By default, a Wingtranaut has access to everything.

Bias for action, change and innovation

We favor doing, and we get things done. We never stop challenging the status quo. We improve and change continuously, personally and as an organization. We embrace a changing world.

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