[Demo roadshow] Wingtra, Propeller Aero and SITECH are demoing survey-grade 3D data capture/processing across North America

North American SITECH Propeller Aero Wingtra roadshow

A series of drone data capture and processing demos kicked off in Riverside, CA, on September 22nd, marking the start of an autumn roadshow. The traveling event offers GIS professionals a first-hand look at the leading vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone WingtraOne GEN II and how it collects high-accuracy aerial data efficiently. Moreover, attendants will learn how this data is geotagged by Propeller Aero and processed by drone data visualization and analytics platform, Trimble® Stratus Powered by Propeller. Wingtra, Propeller and SITECH are teaming up to co-host demo events across North America including locations in, but not limited to: California, Texas, Georgia and Canada. Specific location registration information and dates will be announced soon.

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“The most powerful way to share where we are now with aerial mapping is to offer a demo of the leading technology in person,” said Levi Olsen, Sales Manager at Wingtra. “We’re excited to see the reactions and talk in-depth, and in person, with attendants, because we believe this bundled solution of Wingtra and Propeller is an absolute game-changer that is setting a new standard.”

Attendees of the roadshow can expect to see Wingtra’s new WingtraOne GEN II drone complete a large-scale flight. Data captured by the 42MP Sony RX1R II camera and high-precision PPK receiver is collected by Propeller AeroPoints™, i.e., smart ground control points. It will then be processed and visualized within 24 hours on the Trimble Stratus Powered by Propeller software platform. Attendees will then have the chance to run analytics on the data gathered in Trimble Stratus. 

Special offer for demo attendees

In addition to the drone and software demos, attendees will have access to an exclusive, limited-time Trimble Stratus offer of up to 20% off Propeller PPK and free WingtraOne GEN II training when they invest in a WingtraOne GEN II drone bundle with a Sony a6100 or RXIR II RGB payload. This offer will save customers up to $8,000.*

*Offer Details: Offer valid on new business customers who purchase within 30 days of the regional event. Discount eligible on Propeller PPK with WingtraOne 20MP-42MP drones at 2,000 or 5,000 image limit. Must be an Unlimited annual license, and the discounted license is for 12 months. 

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