Drone mapping applications across industries

Drone uses and case studies

Surveying and GIS

  • Land surveying
  • Cadastral maps
  • Topographical surveys
  • Precise measurements
  • Land management and development
  • Urban planning

Drone technology represents a huge potential for surveyors and GIS professionals. It greatly cuts the cost and work hours of data capture. Further, you can survey otherwise unreachable areas and deliver high-resolution aerial maps that would be otherwise impossible to produce in a safe or cost-effective way.

Mining and aggregates

  • Inventory and management of stockpile volume
  • Mine or quarry monitoring and operation planning
  • Assessment before drilling or blasting
  • Road monitoring
  • Slope monitoring
  • Hazard identifications

Improve the management efficiency of large mining sites and quarries by providing complete data about the state of the site in a short turnaround time. Data can be safely produced by workers on site without the danger of climbing stockpiles or walking amidst moving construction equipment. All of this at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveying methods and without machinery disruption.


  • Monitor plant health
  • Perform plant count
  • Optimize plant ROI
  • Assess losses after major weather event

The WingtraOne professional drone produces multispectral imagery to provide accurate plant counts or identify plants’ health problems early on. This data can be used to prevent costly spread of diseases or invasive species. It can also provide valuable insights to boost yield productivity.

Environment and research

  • Population monitoring and control
  • Classify areas
  • Volumes

Conservationists and researchers use commercial drones to easily and quickly track wildlife or monitor land changes without the need for low-resolution satellite images or costly manned aircraft.


  • Volume measurements
  • 3D models of sites
  • Tracking construction progress

WingtraOne helps construction professionals to quickly drone map large or unreachable areas for pre-built evaluation. It also decreases costs and improves the turnaround time for surveying and construction while helping you stay on track with your budget and timeline throughout a project.

Eurotube with pod
Case study

WingtraOne drone to help build EuroTube

As construction of EuroTube, the very first European super-fast transportation system starts full steam, the team uses WingtraOne drone to conduct a topographic survey of the site.

3D reconstruction Swiss Alps
Case study

VTOL drone WingtraOne brings wind energy to the Alps

At a lofty altitude of 2500m above sea level, 20 wind turbines of 100m height are to be built. With the construction site in the middle of the mountains, there are no roads to access it, nor is there any pre-existing detailed data for site planning of the wind park itself.

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