Webinar: drone survey accuracy

How to achieve 1 cm (0.4 in) absolute accuracy with a drone in your next mapping project

In this webinar we discuss step-by-step actions to prepare for your highly accurate mapping mission, data collection process and data post-processing in order to achieve the best results. We also define the key factors influencing accuracy and explain how you can achieve 1 cm (0.4 in) absolute drone survey accuracy in your next mapping project.
Discussed in this webinar:
  • Overview of the latest accuracy results achieved in USA and Switzerland
  • Best practices on data collection process with the WingtraOne mapping drone and data post-processing with Pix4Dmapper
  • Main factors influencing accuracy of the drone survey
  • How to achieve down to 1 cm (0.4 in) drone survey accuracy in your next mapping project

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Speaker: Andrea
Andrea Nater
Customer Success Engineer at Wingtra

Andrea is part of the customer success engineering team at Wingtra. She guides customers through their journey and enables them to acquire useful data successfully. Prior to joining Wingtra, Andrea acquired a MSc in Geomatic Engineering from ETH Zurich and gathered her drone experiences in a startup as drone service provider. She is enthusiastic not only about creating maps, but also about using them in various life situations.

Speaker: Andrew
Andrew McIntyre
Technical Trainer at Pix4D

Andrew has hosted numerous public and private classes around the world on behalf of Pix4D. In addition to his experience educating customers about best practices, he has extensive experience providing technical support for a wide range of applications. His practical work experience prior to joining Pix4D has empowered him to provide you with recommendations that take real-world limitations into account.

Justina Kostinaité
Justina Kostinaité
Head of Marketing at Wingtra

Justina is managing marketing and communication activities at Wingtra. She describes herself as a young and hungry marketing professional raised in the international startup environment. She is passionate about creative writing, cutting edge technologies and proactive teams with a good vibe. Before the start of her career, Justina was studying Communication sciences.

Tests setup and validation in collaboration with
The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich is the world’s 3rd best university for engineering and technology (Top universities, 2019). RDO Integrated Controls is one of the largest Topcon dealers and the largest Wingtra distributor in the USA.
Wingtra has been featured in
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Aerial data collection and processing in terms of accuracy: what to expect and how to aim high [Q&A]

Wednesday March 4, 2020
18:00 (CEST Time)
In this webinar:
  • Discuss tools and methods to collect high-accuracy aerial data ​
  • Set the expectations around drone data accuracy​
  • Explore how data processing can enable better output​s
  • Host a 15 min Q&A session​


Francois Gervaix
Geospatial Project Manager at Wingtra
Alexey Pasumansky
Technical Specialist at AgiSoft LLC
Stephanie Lambert Wingtra
Stephanie Lambert
Head of Direct Sales at Wingtra
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