Mine drone - WingtraOne GEN II

Capture your entire mine operation site in precise detail with a single WingtraOne flight. 

Discover the mine drone that maps and delivers consistent, high-quality survey data faster, and at a lower cost, than other surveying tools.

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Advantages of the WingtraOne GEN II

The WingtraOne’s star RX1R II 42MP camera provides a higher camera resolution. This enables high-quality stockpile data and open pit floor details that other commercial drones can’t provide.
uav vtol drone ground coverage

Cover more ground with WingtraOne

Map from 2 to 14x more than with multicopter drones and leading fixed-wing drones

Stockpile data accuracy

High-quality stockpile data

Collect hundreds of data points to deliver best-in-class horizontal accuracy down to 1 cm (0.4 in), and vertical accuracy down to 3 cm (1.2 in)

Easy flight software

Easily operable mine drone flight software, even for first-time drone pilots

WingtraOne mining drone: Map huge areas in a short time

Cover more ground at a higher accuracy with every WingtraOne mining drone flight, and stay well ahead of your operations.

*Field time includes setup and changing batteries. This data was generated using Wingtra’s coverage and labor cost calculator. The calculator estimates the field time and labor costs associated with data collection, using a model based on the technical specifications of each drone under common environmental conditions and flight parameters.

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An easy-to-use mine drone

Little or no experience with a VTOL? No problem. This mining drone is designed to offer the most intuitive and autonomous experience on the market. 

Approach any project with confidence after minimal training.

Higher-quality stockpile drone data

With higher-quality survey data, you are increasing the accuracy of stockpile volume calculations and producing more true-to-life financial statements and regulatory checks.
stockpile calculations using drone software

Once processed, gain valuable data about your stockpiles, including cut and fill details.

WingtraOne’s flagship RX1R II camera, with its 42 MP resolution, can capture down to 0.7 cm/px (0.3 in/px) GSD at ground level. So your data will be dramatically better than other lower-resolution cameras.
GSD down to

(0.3 in/px)

Absolute horizontal accuracy down to
(0.4 in)

I’m impressed by the level of detail we capture with WingtraOne’s RX1R II camera. The features you pick up from the orthomosaics is insane—way better than what we had before. It’s really good for safety as well: you see what’s happening in detail and avoid obstructing operations on a busy site with all of its heavy equipment.

Kurtis Popkie
Junior Mine Geologist at Westmoreland Mining LLC

Increase your mine workers safety

Thanks to its autonomous and VTOL capabilities, the WingtraOne is a mine industry drone that can be operated remotely, ensuring maximum safety for surveyors.
mine drone being flown on a construction site

When we used to do surveys, I'd have to be up on the top of stockpiles in the middle of winter and walk in the perimeters of them, and they’re two-to-one slopes. So safety wise, Wingtra has helped out a lot.

Tyrell Murrey 
Surveyor and Certified Drone Pilot at BNI Coal

Key mine safety benefits:

Collecting highly-detailed data at a safe distance from the mine site

Spending even less time setting up survey thanks to the PPK feature

Monitoring sensitive areas like tailings dams with more frequent, detailed surveys
Avoiding shutting down your site due to accidents

Technical specifications GEN II mine drone

Flight time up to
Full-frame camera
Lowest GSD
Absolute horizontal accuracy down to
Coverage at lowest GSD
Flight time up to
Full-frame camera
Lowest GSD
Absolute horizontal accuracy down to
Coverage at lowest GSD
Compatible with
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Mining professionals vouch for WingtraOne

Mine surveyors at BNI coal, Newmont, Westmoreland, and Goldfields are saving money by opting out of time-consuming data collection and opting in to WingtraOne efficiency.

Mine drone case studies

After 30 years of terrestrial and airplane surveys, Jellinbah Group’s coal mine integrated drone technology to get accurate and more frequent site details costing only around 10 percent of the time and money they spent before. 

Discover how they tried drone surveying to get more accurate data and still save money.

BNI Coal had to fly 4x more with their classical fixed wing. Before, they’d get 160 acres (65 ha) from one flight, and now they get 640 acres (260 ha). 

Learn about the mining drone platform that made all the difference to their current operations.

Goldfields Ghana Ltd., started working with WingtraOne via an entirely remote onboarding and training program during the pandemic. Learn how easy it is to get exceptional, robust drone data with WingtraOne.

Managing stockpiles with greater precision

An added level of accuracy allows the Westmoreland Mining LLC. to load the data into 3D modelling and design programs and to create more accurate designs, which are sent to GPS-guided equipment. 

Explore exactly how they boosted productivity and safety with WingtraOne.

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Learn more about drones for mining

Would you like to know more about how drones are used in mining operations? Or why stockpile management is better with drones? 

Read our in-depth article which answers these questions and more.

graphic with wingtraone drone surveying a mine site

What's included in the bundle?

Experience simplified mapping in one intuitive platform. Improve collaboration, boost productivity and get true-to-life insights.

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