March 15 - 16, 2023
Sands Expo & Convention Centre
(Marina Bay Sands)
202302 GeoConnectAsia 400x400

About Geo Connect Asia

Geo Connect Asia looks to host their ASEAN neighbours and build on a vibrant community as new technologies add new application tools to enable the Industry 4.0 Revolution. The emergence of AI, blockchain, IoT, robotics and UAVs create new dynamic platforms for a region well equipped to take on the challenges ahead.

We will be there

Aleksandar Kostadinov
Antonio Zivolic
Antonio Zivolic

Jasna Samodol

Elvin Danai
Abraham Tarakey
Jake Jeong
Irwin Amago
Doug Blaikie
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Watch demo

Watch a recorded session of our online demo webinar and see the WingtraOne GEN II in action.

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