Wingtra at Intergeo DIGITAL

13 - 15 october 2020

This year’s Intergeo Digital will offer a different, out-of-the-box experience to adapt to a world changed by a global pandemic.

Wingtra will be a part of it in continuing to offer disruptive technologies to industry professionals. 

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How will the digital Intergeo experience work?


You will be able to find the digital Wingtra booth on the Intergeo event page by using the search function or through a direct link (tbd). Simply type in Wingtra and press on the link.

Inside our digital booth, you will be able to interact with the Wingtra product experts who can tell you about the WingtraOne drone and answer any questions that you might have. You will also be able to agree on further interaction points, like demos or quotes. You can also request further materials, like use case, reports, etc.

On demand or booked face-to-face meetings

While visiting Wingtra’s booth, you will be able to interact with our representatives in face-to-face meetings, organized directly on the platform. You can simply walk in and request to talk to anyone who’s available at the given moment or book a meeting in advance.

There will be three video meeting rooms available. One will serve as a welcome desk and the other two will host Wingtra product experts. 

Wingtra's schedule at Intergeo Digital

Flight presentations

Join the video stream and get to know in-depth how WingtraOne flight planning works, as well as how to set up a flight before watching the flight demo itself. We will also talk about drone features, and you’ll be able to ask questions at the end. 

Tuesday 13 october
10:15-10:45 CET

WingtraOne flight presentation

Thursday 15 october
10:00-10:30 & 15:30-16:00

WingtraOne flight presentation


During our speaker slots, we will go deeper into WingtraOne’s use cases and our customers’ experience. Join us to learn about the drone itself and its success stories.
Tuesday 13 october
13:45-14:15 CET

How WingtraOne is helping make infrastructure like rail, road and construction move into the digital age

Wednesday 14 october
11:15-11:45 CET

Meet WingtraOne - the VTOL drone redefining standards in aerial surveying

Wednesday 14 october
14:00-14:30 CET

Land titling firm saves time and money creating cadastral systems for St. Kitts with the help of VTOL drone WingtraOne

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