Pair of batteries

Add accessories to your WingtraOne or expand its ability to ensure business continuity in case of accidental damage.

Spare drone

We understand that your projects rely on the consistent flight of airborne equipment. Having a spare drone in your inventory allows business continuity in case of downtime due to an accident or malfunction.

Spare drones can also be used when your hardware is worn out or in case of an incident, whereby you could replace only the wing and continue using the other components in your possession, such as the camera and accessories.

Spare drone


Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)

Protect your WingtraOne in case of the odd incidental damage to your drone. Accidental damage refers to a physical breakage or failure that is not due to a manufacturing defect. Damage can be due to, for example, improper use, poor flight planning, mishandling during transport or changing environmental conditions.

(1) Fair use policy applies. Wingtra may increase the deductible in case of repeated replacements or may terminate or refuse WingtraProtect.


What is typically covered?

ADP generally includes damage that specifically relates to an incident and results in significant structural or electronic damage. Incidents include mishandling during transport or drops, a planning mistake, or a change in environmental conditions after take-off.

What is not covered?

ADP does not cover damages that are deliberately caused by the user to the equipment or resulting from use outside of the recommended operating conditions. Cosmetic damages that do not affect the proper operation of the equipment and normal aging of parts are also excluded. Please read the full terms and conditions.


Why Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) ?

In case of accidental damage, the replacement cost is considerably lower than the replacement cost without ADP. This way ADP protects your initial investment.
Damaged equipment to be replaced Replacement costs
without ADP
Replacement costs
with ADP
Drone only
10,000 USD
2,000 USD
20% of the value of the replaced equipment
Drone, Sony RX1R II camera and PPK
23,000 USD
4,500 USD
Maximum deductible
Full drone bundle including ground station
31,900 USD
4,500 USD
Maximum deductible

The following cases are not covered in Accidental Damage Protection:

  • Cosmetic damages like scratches, small cracks or holes, that do not affect the structural integrity of the drone.
  • Damage of consumables due to normal aging (propellers, batteries, middlestand, sidestand)
  • Loss or theft of the equipment
  • Intentional damage of the equipment
  • Damages from operating the equipment outside of normal operating conditions (temperature, rain, snow, fog, altitude, extreme winds)
  • Damages resulting from modifying the hardware outside of the instructions of Wingtra.
  • Any loss of data or business interruption
  • Any 3rd party damages and claims
  • Damages due to acts of God


WingtraOne Hardcase

Hard case

This hard case will keep your drone from any damage during travel. The hard case works as checked-in luggage.

Pair of batteries

Extra batteries

In case of large missions or multiple missions on the same day, a pair of extra batteries will allow you to switch to new batteries on the field and resume your mission. These batteries are suitable for carry-on luggage.

High altitude propellers

High-altitude propellers

As air becomes thinner at higher altitudes, the ability for standard propellers to generate enough thrust to lift an aircraft is compromised. Their shape must change to lift through these conditions.


Coverage and labor costs calculator for drone surveying

See how much time and labor costs you’d save when switching to drone surveying with WingtraOne compared to other drones and to terrestrial surveying methods.

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