Second-year warranty

Second year warranty

Wingtra comes with a one-year warranty covering all its parts. For greater peace of mind, you can extend this warranty for the second year of operations.

Second-year warranty options

How does it work?

Your drone purchase is covered by the Wingtra hardware warranty for one year, protecting your drone against manufacturing defects. The second-year warranty extends the initial coverage for one additional year. It includes different coverage options depending on how heavy your usage is.

What is included?

The second-year warranty covers your WingtraOne bundle, including spare parts and add-ons in case of a manufacturing defect or technical failure. Not included are damages due to hardware modifications, user faults, or cosmetic damages.
100 Unlimited
Repair or replacement in case of faulty equipment
Covers drone, cameras, and PPK module
Flight hours per year
Limited to 100 hours
Warranty case are covered over one full year or up to 100 flight hours, whichever occurs first
Warranty case are covered over one full year with an unlimited amount of flight hours
Accidental damage protection

What is accidental damage protection (ADP) ?

Accidental damage protection extends the warranty coverage to accidental damage. It can be purchased for drones that are under active first or second-year warranties. 

Accidental damage refers to accidental physical breakage or failure due to improper use, poor flight planning, mishandling during transport or changing environmental conditions.

Without ADP With ADP
Coverage examples in case of equipment failure due to:
Manufacturing defect
Flight planning mistake
Dropping the plane
Cosmetic damage
For a full list of covered damages, please read the accidental damage protection terms and conditions.

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