Total Maintenance Plan

Total Maintenance Plan

The Total Maintenance Plan (TMP) was specially created to provide you greater peace of mind regarding your Wingtra equipment. The plan includes an all-in-one maintenance solution and a new WingtraOne drone bundle every two to four years for a flat yearly fee.

Complete maintenance solution

In case of faulty equipment, Wingtra will replace or repair your equipment. You also get replacement batteries, propellers and other consumables when necessary.

Predictable costs

Predictable costs every year

You pay a yearly flat fee. This amount is set, no matter the number of repairs or replacements.

Your next WingtraOne is included

With the assistance of predictive maintenance algorithms, Wingtra will detect when your drone reaches the end of its lifetime and will replace it with a new drone.
WingtraOne drone
Wingtra support

Get outstanding support

Our support engineers are available to assist you with your WingtraOne.(3)

How does it work?


You make an initial purchase

The first year you purchase the drone bundle normally. Your initial purchase includes support, software updates and a warranty covering faulty equipment over the duration of one year.


You pay a flat fee as of the second year

As soon as you run out of your normal warranty—typically as of the second year (4)—you start paying a flat annual fee for your TMP.

Total Maintenance Plan options

100 hours Unlimited 100 hours
Fixed yearly fee
Free repair in case of faulty equipment
Warranty coverage includes the drone, camera, PPK, backup drone and batteries
A new drone every 2 to 4 years
Free consumables
Software updates
E-mail support
Flight hours per year
Limited to 100 hours
Limited to 100 hours
Accidental Damage Protection

What is Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) ?

The standard TMPs offer the same coverage as a Wingtra hardware warranty, which protects your drone against manufacturing defects.

The Accidental Damage Protection extends this warranty coverage to accidental damage. Accidental damage refers to accidental physical breakage or failure due to improper use, poor flight planning, mishandling during transport or changing environmental conditions.

100 hours Unlimited 100 hours + ADP Unlimited + ADP
Coverage examples in case of equipment failure due to:
Manufacturing defect
Flight planning mistake
Dropping the plane
Cosmetic damage

If damage is covered under the ADP, then the user will be charged a deductible of 20% of the replacement cost. In any case, we charge a minimum of USD 500 and a maximum of USD 4’500. For a full list of covered damages, please read the Accidental Damage Protection terms and conditions


(1) Unlimited repairs and upgrades

In case of faulty or broken equipment due to manufacturing defects before the end of service life, Wingtra will provide unlimited repairs or replacements for drones covered by a TMP, including accessories used on these drones.

When your equipment reaches the end of its service life, after two to four years, Wingtra will replace one drone bundle and upgrade it to the latest equivalent hardware version. Note that TMP does not grant you the right to obtain a new payload or equipment before the end of its life, even if a new payload or equipment is released on the market.

Included replacements after two to four years:

  • Drone
  • Pilot box
  • 1 RGB camera
  • PPK module
  • Batteries

Additional purchases, e.g. extra batteries, high altitude propellers, specialty cameras or a spare drone will not be automatically replaced at end of service life and have to be repurchased.

Excluded from hardware renewal, but covered under TMP warranty (if used on drone covered by a TMP under Wingtra’s fair use policy):

  • High-altitude propellers
  • Extra batteries
  • Extra spare drone
  • Additional or specialty cameras

(2) Free consumables included under fair usage

Drones with TMPs will automatically get replacements of consumables including middle stands, side stands, propellers, and batteries in case such consumables break during normal usage or reach the end of their service life—fair usage policy applies.

(3) Support

Support is available via email or callback request: Mo-Fr 8.30 to 18.00 CET (Zurich) and Mo-Fr 8.30 to 18.00 MT (Denver).

(4) Eligibility for Total Maintenance Plan

The plan can be purchased for any drone bundle with an active warranty.

Shipping, import fees and local taxes

Shipping costs, import fees and local taxes on replacement parts and replacement/new drones are excluded from TMPs and are paid by the customer.

Specific conditions for options including ADP (100 ADP, Unlimited ADP)

The unlimited repair and free consumable coverage is extended to accidental damage, meaning damage to the drone due to transport, drops, or spills and resulting in large structural damage or damage of electronics. This includes: loss or damage of the drone due to planning mistakes or pilot mistakes; damages due to bird attacks, or damages in case wind increases after take-off above the warranty limit.

If damage is covered under the ADP, then the user will be charged a deductible of 20% of the replacement cost. In any case, we charge a minimum of USD 500 and a maximum of USD 4’500.

Not covered in any case: Cosmetic damages like scratches, small cracks or holes, that do not affect the structural integrity of the drone; loss or theft of the equipment; intentional damage of the equipment; damages from operating the equipment outside of normal operating conditions (temperature, rain, snow, fog, altitude, extreme winds); damages resulting from modifying the hardware outside of the instructions of Wingtra; any loss of data or business interruption;any 3rd party damages and claims, or damages due to natural disasters.

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