Geodirect to supply WingtraOne VTOL drones in the Benelux, Dutch Antilles, and Suriname

Wingtra, the Swiss drone company that develops the WingtraOne vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), the fixed-wing drone has signed a reseller agreement with Geodirect, a leading Geo-ICT solutions provider based in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands.

“Our ambition is to offer our clients the best and most efficient solutions to optimize their processes. The ever-changing and stricter regulations; necessary cost reductions, and sustainability factors demand innovative answers. The WingtraOne VTOL drone has set a benchmark for professional mapping that can actually make a difference. We are excited to add it to our solutions portfolio and proud to be part of the further growth of Wingtra with this partnership,” said Walter van Dolen, Managing Director of  Geodirect B.V.

“Geodirect is the testament to the strength of the WingtraOne after having started out as client, said Wingtra sales manager, Terence Thiel. “They quickly realized that its capabilities could solve many of the problems modern surveying teams face in the Netherlands. Geodirect demonstrated that they understood the importance and cost savings associated with UAV surveys, have a client base for the product and the technical experience in the field to be a great partner. I look forward to seeing many ‘Oranje’ Wingtra-Ones in the Netherlands and expanding our partnership.”

WingtraOne takes off and lands as a multicopter but flies in the air as a fixed-wing aircraft. This technology eliminates the risk of damage while landing, lets the drone carry heavier and thus better sensors (e.g. 42MP Sony RX1R II), and still allows mapping of large areas.

The post process kinematics (PPK) upgrade allows the WingtraOne to reach a new level of accuracy. With this state-of-the-art PPK system and the highest quality sensors, WingtraOne reaches accuracies of 1 cm (.4 in) without the need for ground control points.

Geodirect provides smart Geo-ICT solutions and services for mobile data acquisition management, mutation, presentation and visualization of geo-Information. They also offer workable solutions, from business case to asset management. As part of Nexterdays Solutions, Geodirect is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Dutch Antilles and Suriname.

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