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A drone that quickly pays for itself

With WingtraOne, you get your data much faster than with other tools, even for large areas, and at a fraction of the time and cost.
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Cut mapping time

In one flight:
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Reduce labor costs

Faster data collection and more coverage mean:
Even though we made an investment in the WingtraOne, we’re paying it off so quick. This job alone covered the majority of it.
Jacob Cash
Mobile Mapping and LiDAR Department Manager
Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering and Testing

The right pricing for your use case

Wingtra HQ or one of our local partners in 70+ countries can advise you about the best configuration and price for your use case.
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The right camera for your jobs

Factors such as desired outputs and accuracy, project size, terrain, regulations and altitude determine which camera and accessories will cover your needs.

All-inclusive quote (no hidden costs)

The Administration started using WingtraOne last year for road construction surveys, and they’ve already cut project time and spending significantly.
chief engineer
Gry C.S. Kjellsmoen
Chief Engineer
Norwegian Roads Administration

Get pricing

Tell us more about your use case.
Discuss the right configuration with our experts.
Get a quote and any other information you may need.
Coverage and labor costs calculator for drone surveying

See how much time and labor costs you’d save when switching to drone surveying with WingtraOne compared to other drones and to terrestrial surveying methods.

Hear about ROI from Wingtra's customers

Professionals around the world are saving money and maximizing revenue thanks to WingtraOne.

Wingtra LIDAR is here

Experience unmatched efficiency with user-friendliness and reliability.

Watch demo

Watch a recorded session of our online demo webinar and see the WingtraOne GEN II in action.

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