Wingtra’s new in-app controls plus pause and resume feature enhance the in-flight experience

WingtraOne in-app controls and drone

Wingtra just released its 1.12, offering customers a significant upgrade to their in-flight interactions with WingtraOne. Specifically, more robust and intuitive in-app flight controls are available directly through WingtraPilot on the tablet.* In the field, this streamlines the user experience down to simply tapping clearly-labeled buttons on a lightweight tablet. The functionality available with these new in-app controls includes:

  • Pause in cruise mode, sending the drone into a loiter pattern, while you have time to think, reposition (command the drone to rise or sink) and resume the mission without landing
  • Pause and hover during the vertical landing, and, if needed, change the location of the drone in the air before commencing landing
  • Resume a mission after pausing or return to home (RTH) has begun

“These new features answer a strong level of interest expressed by our customers,” said Julian Surber, project manager at Wingtra. “Our focus is always on improving the customer experience as well as enhancing reliability and safety. So we’re proud to offer in-flight functionality that addresses the needs of professionals working in the field while offering more control in cases that might otherwise present safety issues.”

Watch the new features in action as WingtraOne maps a challenging area in the Swiss Alps:


WingtraOne has already been referred to as an efficient data collection tool by customers across industries; however, the pause and resume feature increases this even more. Previously, users would have to return to home in case of any interruption, run pre-flight checks and launch again. With pause and resume, an interruption means users simply pause in the air to send the drone into a loiter pattern while they decide how to continue the mission.

By tapping on the user-friendly tablet interface, WingtraOne users can now manage every stage of a mission, from pre-flight checks to checking on data quality after landing. And the new features shift some basic responsibilities—like completely grounding a mission when obstacles or unexpected instances arise—away from the user and onto the drone.

WingtraPilot with new in-app controls
In the end, these features remove the need for RC skills, as they offer control from intuitive buttons right on the tablet interface.

The level of in-flight safety improves with the pause and resume feature as well, because in the past, users might have waited too long to RTH in efforts to complete a mission and avoid setbacks. Now, those setbacks are removed.

“Customers should not have to worry about what they will do if a helicopter or a flock of birds approach the same air space,” Surber said. “They should be free to keep track of the air space, the environmental conditions and the data collection process. With these new controls, that level of focus is possible, because they have the right, intuitive, options for immediately responding to situations in-flight.”

For more information or to get a quote, feel free to contact our sales team.

*In-app features, plus pause and resume, are not available with the remote control and thus remove the need for another piece of equipment, and remote control skills, in the field.

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