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Reserve a spot in the next online demo webinar and experience the WingtraOne GEN II in action from the comfort of your office chair.

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Alexander Craig
Marketing Manager

Alexander joined Wingtra three years ago as the lead of our engineering testing operations. He has over 600 hours of flight time with the WingtraOne.
What's the program?
How long does it last?

The demo is scheduled on a monthly basis and lasts around 45 minutes. It takes place at 4 PM Central European Time. If it is too early or too late for you, apply for a recorded session below.

What happens next?

Depending on your location in the world, you might have the possibility to see WingtraOne fly live via a demo by one of our many distribution partners around the world. You can also discuss your business needs in detail with one of our representatives or meet us at industry-related events or trade shows.

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Watch a recorded webinar session now. The content is the same, except you won’t be able to ask questions during this session. Contact our sales team at any time to discuss your business needs. 

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Watch a recorded session of our online demo webinar and see the WingtraOne GEN II in action.

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