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Down to 1 cm (0.4 in) in drone survey accuracy
Drones in mining – What are the benefits and for which applications?
Down to 1 cm (0.4 in) in drone survey accuracy


NEW: WingtraOne GEN II

After six years in development and 100’000 flights, Wingtra, the professional drone producer, is launching WingtraOne GEN II, a next-generation VTOL drone that offers industrial reliability and mapping versatility with a new oblique camera configuration for high-quality 3D drone mapping data capture.

Zurich digital twin

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Data sets

Digital twin of Zurich city

Camera: Oblique Sony a6100
Coverage: 800 ha (2000 ac)
GSD: 3.1 cm/px (1.2 in/px)

Las Vegas airstrip

Camera: Sony RX1RII
Coverage: 8 ha (20 acres)
GSD: 0.9 cm/px (0.4 in/px)

Mixed forest in early spring

Camera: MicaSense Altum
Coverage: 115 ha (284 acres)
GSD: 9.5 cm/px (3.7 in/px)

Wingtra LIDAR is here

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Watch demo

Watch a recorded session of our online demo webinar and see the WingtraOne GEN II in action.

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