Drone flight planning software – WingtraPilot
WingtraPilot drone flight planning software

Increase survey success through a smart mission planning software

Flight planning software on a tablet

WingtraPilot is the intuitive drone software to manage WingtraOne’s data acquisition process. It includes various ways to prepare flight plans, as well as monitor and revise missions during flight.

Flight planning software on a tablet


Planning and running successful mapping missions

Fully autonomous

Simply tap the screen and select the area you want to map to plan your missions with WingtraPilot. After you confirm the mission, the WingtraOne takes off, captures aerial images and lands without any human interaction.

During the entire flight, WingtraPilot provides you with live feedback from the WingtraOne up to 10 km (6 mi) away.

Pause and resume

At any time during flight, you can either pause the survey mission — causing the drone to loiter in the air — or trigger return to home (RTH), causing the drone to fly back to its take-off location automatically.

From both of these states at any time, you can resume the survey mission, and the drone will start capturing images from where it stopped.

Manual take-over

If any obstacles emerge during the automated landing, such as a recently parked car, WingtraPilot allows you to take manual control of the drone. Use the intuitive controls in the tablet to adjust its position mid-air and land the drone safely.

Corridor mapping

The corridor mapping feature enables fast, efficient coverage of long, narrow stretches. It proves especially useful for the following types of aerial mapping projects: road construction; inspection or maintenance; railway track monitoring and inspection; pipeline and power line inspection, and environmental research, e.g., river mapping.

More about corridor mapping

Terrain following

The terrain following function relies on global terrain models and allows safe and effective mapping from steady altitudes in even in the most mountainous areas.

More about terrain following

The height of every flight line is adjusted to the height of the terrain.
Offline maps

Offline maps

No internet connection in the field? No problem. You can always download offline maps in advance while you’re still connected to the internet. Then you can easily load them when you arrive at the mapping location.


Pre-flight checklist

WingtraPilot guarantees full functionality of the drone pre-flight by running background checks like battery health, GPS reception and test images. You’ll see an interactive checklist that guides you through the preflight process and catches oversights, e.g., not removing the camera lid.

KML import

KML import

For a seamless mission, simply import KML files directly from GIS programs. WingtraPilot will construct the optimal flight path to cover the area


Geo-tagging made easy

WingtraHub is our integrated image geotagging software. If you have a WingtraOne with a PPK module, the high-precision PPK processing will give you centimeter-accuracy geotags for flight images. WingtraOne images can be geotagged in any Earth-centered, Earth-fixed coordinate system such as WGS84.

WingtraPilot features

All software features


Put safety first in operations. WingtraPilot ensures the highest safety standards for you and your equipment. Its drone flight software checks continuously for restricted flight areas, GPS reception, battery health and operating temperatures. In case of abnormal conditions, WingtraPilot automatically triggers immediate return to home (RTH), in which case the WingtraOne aborts the mission and lands at the take-off point.

Multiple flights / georeference

WingtraPilot’s battery swap and resume feature allows you to plan several large missions as one, even if batteries must be changed in the meantime. To minimize time on site, you also have the ability to georeference images of multiple flights at the end of the day.

On-site inspection

All aerial images and geolocation information is stored on a single SD card and can be inspected in the field on the WingtraPilot tablet for early quality checks.

Saved missions

For time saving and consistent results from recurring surveys, saved missions can be loaded with a single click.

Free software updates

Regularly enables new features and stability improvements
See release notes

Advanced mission planning

Multi area planning and zero overlap for population counting algorithms

Offline functionality

Ability to preload maps for full offline operation in the field

Interactive pre-flight checks

Guides the operator for efficient and safe operation and guarantees battery health, GPS reception and a leveled take-off spot

Terrain Following and ground collision prevention

Global terrain model for constant flight altitude and obstacle avoidance. WingtraPilot’s terrain following function also prevents collisions even in the most mountainous areas.

Battery swap and resume

Automatically splits large missions, pausing flight and resuming after the batteries have been swapped

Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)

Full mission capability even without a connection to the ground station

Intelligent wind control

Advanced control algorithms handle wind no matter how the mission was planned

Adaptive geofence

Allows dynamic constraint of flight radius to prevent fly-aways

Intelligent RTH

Automatically detects low battery or too-high winds and safely returns home

Real-time monitoring

Displays information like flight location, altitude and mission progress up to 10 km (6 mi)

Intuitive altitude display

Graphically displays absolute flight altitude as well as flight altitude and terrain elevation above ground

Smart voice

Provides you with comprehensive audio feedback during the mission

Operator intervention

Operator can take command at any time with one click and return to home

Single SD card workflow

Eliminates risk of mismatched or lost data even for the PPK workflow

Multi-flight geotagging

Allows georeferencing of all flights at the end of the day, saving time in the field

PPK data handling

Manages correction step for CORS or local base station networks

Coverage and labor costs calculator for drone surveying

See how much time and labor costs you’d save when switching to drone surveying with WingtraOne compared to other drones and to terrestrial surveying methods.

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