High accuracy and most efficient

WingtraOne GEN II RGB61 payload bundle

Introducing the WingtraOne GEN II RGB61 bundle:
The fastest mapping drone on the market just got faster 

Wingtra redefines what’s possible in aerial data collection. Designed to excel in sensitive and large-scale projects, the WingtraOne RGB61 bundle takes efficiency to the next level without compromising on image quality or accuracy. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional methods, and unlock unparalleled productivity.

RGB61 camera with the WingtraOne over an open pit
GSD down to

(0.3 in/px)
Absolute horizontal accuracy
down to
(0.4 in)
Up to

(760 ac coverage at 120 m (400 ft))

Time saved on any project
Included in the bundle
Wingtra is offering WingtraOne RGB61 PPK bundles to all new and current customers. Contact Wingtra Sales directly by filling out the quote request below to get a custom priced bundle since configuration depends on your specific needs.

New flagship upgrade path—free PPK license!

From May 23rd until September 30th, all GEN I users with PPK modules can be upgraded to a GEN II with RGB61 and get a free PPK license that will work with any payload. 

Our experts can
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