How to collect multispectral imagery with VTOL drones in the most challenging conditions

Drones have become a key innovation in today’s industry, saving time and greatly reducing risks. Agricultural companies, service providers and researchers use multispectral imagery captured by drones to assess and monitor crops, organise irrigation, and to perform soil and field analysis. However sometimes limitations of fixed wing and multirotor drones do not allow the full potential of drone technology to be realized.

In this webinar, Yi Hao Ng from Wingtra and Robert Parker from MicaSense will talk about a next generation vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone technology and how it helps professionals collect the high quality multispectral imagery over the most complicated terrains. They will introduce the WingtraOne drone and RedEdge-M multispectral camera bundle and discuss its features and benefits.

Discussed in this webinar:


Yi Hao Ng
Yi Hao Ng
Customer Success Engineer at Wingtra

Yi Hao joined Wingtra after completing his Robotics, Systems and Control studies at ETH Zürich. The expertise in the field turned him into one of the key Customer Success engineers in the company. Yi Hao is guiding Wingtra’s customers in diverse WingtraOne surveying applications. He is fascinated about how technology can improve the quality of both people’s work and life.

Robert Parker micasense
Robert Parker
Customer Support and Training Manager at MicaSense

Robert has been with MicaSense for almost two years. With over a decade of experience in GIS and remote sensing, Robert carries a passion for education and helping others succeed. He contributes to all areas of the company, from marketing and sales, to technical integrations and software development.

Justina Kostinaité
Justina Kostinaité
Head of Marketing at Wingtra

Justina is managing marketing and communication activities at Wingtra. She describes herself as a young and hungry marketing professional raised in the international startup environment. She is passionate about creative writing, cutting edge technologies and proactive teams with a good vibe. Before the start of her career, Justina was studying Communication sciences.

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LIDAR sensor

Tech specs

Best for
Greenfield surveys, ground reconstruction and below vegetation
Main quality features
Map terrain below vegetation
Laser scanner
Hesai XT32M2X
Inertial measurement unit
Inertial Labs Tactical-Grade IMU-P
GNSS system
NovAtel OEM7500
Effective point density in deliverable at 90 m
AGL with 50% side overlap
Hard surface: ~110 pts/m2 (single return)
Low vegetation: up to 220 pts/m2 (dual return)
High vegetation: up to 330 pts/m2 (triple return)
Maximum coverage at 90 m (300 ft)
Up to 360 ha (890 ac) with 30% side overlap
Vertical absolute accuracy at 90m (RMS)
Down to 3 cm (1.2 in)

Applications comparison

quality copy
quality copy 2

Multispectral cameras

Tech specs

High-resolution multispectral and panchromatic sensor
Best for
Environmental monitoring, precision agriculture and Research and Investigation
Main quality features
Comprehensive view into crop health
Technical specifications
5 multispectral sensors (R, G, B, RE, NIR) + panchromatic band, 5.5 mm lens, nadir configuration
Camera weight
(Includes DLS 2 and cable)
502 g (1.1 lb)
Lowest possible GSD
2 cm/px
0.8 in/px
Maximum coverage at lowest GSD
at 70% side overlap
Up to 90 ha (230 ac) at 60 m (190 ft) flight altitude
Maximum coverage at 120 m (400 ft)
at 70% side overlap
Up to 160 ha (395 ac) at 4 cm/px (1.57 in/px) GSD
Best horizontal absolute accuracy (RMS)
with PPK (w/o GCPs)
down to 3 cm (1.2 in)
Best vertical absolute accuracy (RMS)
with PPK (w/o GCPs)
down to 6 cm (2.4 in)

Tech specs comparison

What's included in the bundle?

Wingtra LIDAR is here

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