Our aerial mapping cameras

Aerial mapping cameras

Best-in-class cameras for the most precise survey results

Thanks to WingtraOne’s heavy payload capacity, the selected cameras are the best in their respective categories. There’s no compromise on digital aerial image quality due to size or weight limitations. Payloads are easy to swap, so one drone can be used for different projects. Moreover, smooth vertical landings protect the expensive cameras even in rough environments.

Down to
cm/px GSD
or 0.3 in/px GSD
Easy to

RGB cameras

Mapping cameras for aerial surveying applications
Qx1 and RX1 cameras
Down to
cm/px GSD
or 0.3 in/px GSD

For high accuracy surveys, WingtraOne carries the Sony RX1R II 42 MP camera. Its full-frame sensor guarantees superior image resolution for a drone camera, while low distortion lenses ensure best reconstruction results. Together with the integrated PPK option, this bundle offers absolute data accuracy down to 1 cm (0.4 in).

With the more affordable Sony QX1 PPK bundle you get industry standard down to 3 cm (1.2 in) absolute accuracy. The bundle also offers the broadest available coverage at 120 m (400 ft) altitude. 

Map types

Speciality camera

Camera for multispectral data collection

MicaSense Multispectral aerial mapping cameras
narrow spectral
with embedded GPS

For aerial mapping applications like agriculture, forestry or environmental research, WingtraOne features a rugged RedEdge-MX multispectral payload. With a full-spectrum camera, this option lets you capture RGB, NDVI, and advanced vegetation index layers in a single flight.

For higher accuracy and combined multispectral and thermal capabilities, WingtraOne features the MicaSense Altum. This payload is particularly useful when evaluating water stress and offers the possibility of larger coverage or higher accuracy depending on needs.

Map types

One drone for many applications

Easily swap cameras

WingtraOne is engineered to be flexible for flight with various payloads. Changing them takes just a few minutes. Get the flexibility of extremely high resolution with the Sony RX1R II, or the leading edge of multispectral imagery with the Micasense RedEdge-MX in the same drone.

How to switch the camera

To switch the payloads, just unscrew the modular block and replace it with another one of our payloads and plug in the micro USB cable.

Operator switching drone camera

WingtraOne cameras highlights

All camera features

Payload protection

Shock-free vertical landing: a standard WingtraOne feature

Swappable payloads

Fully modular with single standard USB-C interface

Payload damping

Passive damping for brilliant, sharp images

Power supply

Externally by main batteries to ensure missions with thousands of images

What our customers say

The main advantage with the WingtraOne was the high quality images from the camera. The Sony RX1R II camera with 35 mm lens makes it possible to cover the area efficiently at a high altitude of 390 m (1270 ft).

Herman Strydom
Owner of Strydom & Associates Land Surveyors
Read the use case

Model Sony camera RXR1

Sony QX1 20mm
Sony camera QX1 15mm
Sony QX1 15mm
Best for
Best quality bundle for low GSD and high precision in mining operations, forest and mountain aerial surveying.
Professional entry bundle for mapping and hands-on surveyors
Sophisticated bundle for 3D reconstruction specialists
Main quality features
Highest accuracy, best coverage to GSD ratio, sub-cm GSD
High image quality, flexible lens options
High quality, largest coverage at limited flight altitude, flexible lens options
35 mm lens
20 mm lens
15 mm lens
Technical specifications
Full-frame sensor, 42 MP, RGB
APS-C sensor, 20 MP, RGB
APS-C sensor, 20 MP, RGB
Camera weight
(incl. mount)
575 g (1.27 lb)
330 g (0.73 lb)
600 g (1.32 lb)
GSD range
0.7-31 cm/px
0.28-12.3 in/px
1.4-53 cm/px
0.55-21.0 in/px
1.4-70 cm/px
0.55-28.0 in/px
Coverage at lowest GSD
at 60% side overlap
100 ha (at 0.7 cm/px) at 57 m flight altitude
247 acres (at 1.18 in/px) at 188 ft flight altitude
150 ha (1.4 cm/px) at 66 m flight altitude
370 acres (0.55 in/px) at 218 ft flight altitude
130 ha (at 1.4 cm/px) at 50 m flight altitude
320 acres (at 0.55 in/px) at 164 ft flight altitude
Coverage at 120 m / 394 feet
at 60% side overlap
210 ha (at 1.5 cm/px)
520 ac (at 0.61 in/px)
270 ha (at 2.6 cm/px)
670 ac (at 1.0 in/px)
320 ha (at 3.4 cm/px)
790 ac(at 1.3 in/px)
Camera selection criteria
Best resolution
(minimal GSD)
Overall image quality
Sensor quality
Lens quality
Coverage at specific GSD
Coverage at limited flight altitude
3D reconstruction
Sample images
Low GSD images

GSD – 0.7 cm/px (0.3 in/px)
Altitude 54 m (177 ft)

Original image (32 MB)

GSD – 1.4 cm/px (0.6 in/px)
Altitude 66 m (217 ft)

Original image (15 MB)

GSD – 1.4 cm/px (0.6 in/px)
Altitude 49 m (161 ft)

Original image (9 MB)
Images at 100m flight altitude

GSD – 1.4 cm/px (0.6 in/px)

Original image (39 MB)

GSD – 2.3 cm/px (0.9 in/px)

Original image (18 MB)

GSD – 3.1 cm/px (1.2 in/px)

Original image (18 MB)
Model MicaSense RedEdge-MX multispectral camera
Micasense RedEdge-MX
MicaSense Altum multispectral and thermal camera
MicaSense Altum
Best for
Advanced bundle for precision farming, forestry and environmental research
Synchronised multispectral & thermal sensors for water management, hot spot detection and environmental research
Main quality features
High quality multispectral images
Tightly synchronised high quality multispectral images with thermal imager
Technical specifications
5.5 mm lens, 5 individual custom sensors, multispectral
8 mm lens, 5 individual custom multispectral sensors + thermal band
Camera weight
(Includes DLS 2 and cable)
325 g (0.72 lb)
501 g (1.10 lb)
GSD range
6.7-50 cm (2.6-20 in)/px
3.0-50 cm (1.2-20 in)/px 5-band multispectral
48-800 cm (19-315 in)/px thermal
Coverage at lowest GSD
at 60% side overlap
120 ha at 6.7 cm/px at 98 m flight altitude
300 ac at 2.62 in/px at 321 ft flight altitude
90 ha (at 3.4 cm/px) at 80 m flight altitude
230 ac (at 1.3 in/px) at 260 ft flight altitude
Coverage at 120 m / 394 feet
at 60% side overlap
150 ha at 8.2 cm/px
380 ac at 3.2 in/px
130 ha (at 5.1 cm/px)
330 ac (at 2.0 in/px)

Coverage and labor costs calculator for drone surveying

See how much time and labor costs you’d save when switching to drone surveying with WingtraOne compared to other drones and to terrestrial surveying methods.

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