WingtraOne QX1-PPK bundle

The WingtraOne QX1 PPK bundle offers the best combination of accuracy and coverage for an affordable price. The Sony QX1 camera and a high-precision post-processed kinematic (PPK) GNSS receiver from Septentrio enables you to collect aerial data with down to 3 cm (1.2 in) absolute horizontal accuracy.

When covering large projects, WingtraOne’s QX1 payload, with its 15 mm Voigtländer lens, offers the broadest coverage at 120 m (400 ft) altitudeup to 320 ha (790 ac) in one flight. 

WingtraOne Sony Qx1 camera bundle
Down to
(0.55 in/px) GSD
Down to
(1.2 in) absolute accuarcy
Up to
(800 ac) coverage at 120 m (400 ft)
take-off & landing
WingtraOne Sony Qx1 camera bundle
Included in the bundle
  • Ready-to-fly WingtraOne drone and carrying sleeve (with backpack option)
  • Sony QX1 20 mm payload; any other additional camera(s) of choice
  • High-precision PPK GNSS module from Septentrio
  • Rugged Samsung tablet with pre-installed WingtraPilot flight-planning software
  • Remote control and telemetry modules
  • Two pairs of batteries
  • Pilot case for accessories and spare parts (1 pair of propellers, 1 pitot tube)

New – more affordable prices

From July 1st, 2020 Wingtra is offering WingtraOne QX1 PPK bundles for new more competitive prices. Contact Wingtra sales directly to get a quote on a newly priced bundle since configurations depend on your specific needs.

Terms and conditions: PPK modules purchased as part of the WingtraOne QX1 PPK bundle can only be used together with the purchased QX1 camera of the same bundle. It cannot be used with RX1R II, RedEdge or Altum cameras.

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  • Talk about your business and operational needs
  • Advise you about drone use
  • Provide you with a quote
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